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Terrain 365 DTK-AT

100% Rustproof, Mini-Framelock the Size of a Dog Tag

This Wednesday, December 16th, 2020 Terrain 365™ launches their DTK-AT mini-framelock folder. A very compact knife that is the size of a standard US Issue “Dog Tag”. Featuring their rustproof and edge-holding Terravantium™ blade, this mini-framelock folder can be used as a backup, hide-away, in survival kits/tins, fits in any pocket or can be worn around the neck. The “AT” designation for Terrain 365’s folders indicates a build that uses 100% non-ferrous alloys, are non-magnetic and rustproof. Any knife is only as useful as it is present on one’s person, and the DTK-AT is a very capable EDC folder in a very compact and easy to carry size.

The DTK-AT from Terrain 365 will be available in a fine industrial matte finish.

The team at Terrain 365 states,

“Our company Co-Founder Patrick introduced his first ‘dog tag” sized knife sometime back in 2003. It was a simple design and made of 100% titanium. This new DTK-AT is quite a step forward using modern framelock construction and the 100% non-ferrous and non-magnetic materials Terrain 365 is known for. Using the standard US Military issue ‘dog tag’ as the footprint for our new mini-framelock we came up with this design. It can be put into any pocket, worn around the neck and well suited for pocket survival kits/tins. The same attention to detail and carefully considered manufacturing steps that we put in our full sized edged tools are also applied to this mini-framelock. The DTK-AT is intended as a backup should you ever lose your primary and gives the EDCer that little extra piece of mind. A 100% rustproof blade and handle, a keen working edge that lasts, and a very capable cutting tool in a very compact size.”

The Terrain 365™ DTK-AT will be available for $179.00, at 1:00pm Pacific on their website Wednesday, December 16th, 2020.

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