Gore Defense

But Will It Arm?

10 Responses to “But Will It Arm?”

  1. Mos says:

    It’s all about how you use it. . .

  2. Biff bukkake says:

    Looks like a fun time. But a fix in search of a problem

  3. Rob371 says:

    If she rotates, she detonates. Not sure this could do the job but I volunteer to try it out!

  4. Jimmie says:

    These were apparently fairly standard equipment for SF MACV-SOG CCN (and possibly CCC) teams ca. 1970, per photos and descriptions in John Stryker Meyer’s SOG Chronicles, Vol 1.

    Extremely interesting read! (Ignore the lack of editing and just enjoy and RESPECT what those guys did.)

  5. Chuck says:

    So maybe the LTs on ODAs could at least be used to test iffy stuff.

  6. Jk says:

    I say send it!

  7. lcpl0420 says:

    no msd for shotgun rounds

  8. Hubb says:

    Appendix carry…inside the waistband…

  9. SShink says:

    Wait a minute, he’s not a pirate