Magpul QR Rail Grabber – 17S Style Adapter for RRS/ARCA & Picatinny Rails

This Versatile Arca/Picatinny Adapter provides a compact, user-adjustable, true quick-release plate that’s compatible with a wide variety of products that use the A.R.M.S 17S style footprint.

Developed primarily for our Magpul Bipods, the Bipod QR Adapter can be used with either Picatinny or RRS/ARCA interfaces.

With its user-adjustable dual clamping mechanism, the QR Rail Grabber slims down to the rail it sits on, ensuring a clean, compact, and unobtrusive fit. A serrated knob makes for easy manipulation and sits close to the body of the adapter and out of the way.

Machined from Mil-Spec aluminum, it comes in Black and will run you $79.95.

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