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US Space Force Selects Rank Structure, Still No Insignia

This will come in handy for those of you working in a joint environment. Late last week, US Space Force issued a memorandum outlining the rank structure for their Guardians with an effective date of 1 February 2021.

E1 Spc1 Specialist 1

E2 Spc2 Specialist 2

E3 Spc3 Specialist 3

E4 Spc4 Specialist 4

E5 Sgt Sergeant

E6 TSgt Technical Sergeant

E7 MSgt Master Sergeant

E8 SMSgt Senior Master Sergeant

E9 CMSgt Chief Master Sergeant

E9 CMSSF Chief Master Sergeant of the Space Force

You may address the junior enlisted specialist ranks as “Specialist.” Alternatively, you may use “Spec” or “Specialist” and the grade, as in “Spec4” like they used to do in the Army.

Sergeants are of course addressed as “Sergeant,” which can be used for TSgt and MSgt as well. TSgt may be also addressed as “Tech Sergeant” or “Technical Sergeant” although a MSgt may be only alternatively addressed as “Master Sergeant.” Interestingly, a SMSgt may be called “Senior” and a CMSgt “Chief.”

This convention is an interesting break in logic for Senior NCOs. Of course, in the late ’50s the Air Force was so enamored with the so-called “super grades” of E8 and E9 that they traded their Warrant Officers in for more of them. In fact, until 1995, Air Force enlisted rank insignia kept the MSgt and below visually distinct by only putting SMSgt and CMSgt stripes above the star. I guess in the mid-90s something finally made them give in and acknowledge MSgts as Senior NCOs. But I digress. I almost let you off by tiptoeing earlier around the fact that you can call a CMSgt just “Chief,” but you can’t call a MSgt just “Master.” Marinate in that one for awhile.

Having said all of that, there’s still no word on what USSF enlisted rank insignia will actually look like aside from this temporary CMSSF insignia.

Although Officer ranks were also mentioned in the memorandum, there is no difference from the Air Force, Army or Marines. Alas, USSF seems to have taken the Air Force’s lead and chosen to forego Warrants.

31 Responses to “US Space Force Selects Rank Structure, Still No Insignia”

  1. z0phi3l says:

    Interesting structure
    I can already see all the complaints fomr people not in service anymore touting their expertise

  2. RFfromNOVA says:

    So…… what happens the first time some Chief Master Sergeant is referred to as “Chief” and he happens to be Native American? ????

    • SSD says:

      First time? “Chief” has been part of rank systems in every US military service since 1947.

      • RFfromNOVA says:

        I’m not an idiot Eric. I have called navy men, of proper rank, chief for quite some time. The issue is the pervading political correctness in THIS time. You can’t have the Washington redskins, the braves mascot is under fire, and there is a movement to change the name of the team from Kansas City as well.

        • Adam says:

          If the CMChief of the Space Force is Native American that’d be the most American shit ever.

        • SSD says:

          It’s all ridiculous. Chief comes to English from the French word “Chef.” We aren’t using their word. It’s our word we bestowed on Native leaders to describe their position. Call it cultural projection rather than cultural appropriation. Where the Air Force went overboard was by adopting Native American symbols to go with it. It got a bit silly with some CMSgts running around in native headdress. The word itself bestows honor.

  3. Duke says:

    When they had the opportunity to call the Jr. enlisted ranks “Storm Troopers” but instead they chose “specialist”… Lame

    • Mike says:

      After our home-grown Sturmabteilung wanna-bes just ran amok in the Capitol, that would be a very poor choice.

      • SSD says:

        The folk who dress themselves all in black and like to burn cities, attack citizens and ban books are who you are thinking of.

      • Vic Toree says:

        I’d hardly characterize the National Guard as having run amok., they were deployed under orders.

        • Mike says:

          SSD – I’m no fan of anyone burning cities or attacking citizens. They committed crimes, and should be arrested, prosecuted and punished. But the guys who put on body armor and ran into the Capitol to disrupt the election? Far worse.

          Vic – I assume you’re choosing to misinterpret what I said to make a point, but no, I’m not talking about the National Guard. I’m talking about Y’all Qaeda.

          • SSD says:

            It’s all relative. It’s only far worse if your house wasn’t burned down, your kid wasn’t murdered, and your business wasn’t looted. The problem is that the left has encouraged politically motivated violence for years and now that it has become mainstream, they are aghast. Sure, throw the book at the Capitol rioters, but do the same thing to all of the rest of them.

            • Mike says:

              I agree. But I see a real difference between a criminal who loots and burns down a business and then claims it’s for a political goal (maybe, or maybe the guy’s just a thief), and someone who enters the Capitol during the final electoral vote count with the explicit goal of killing the Republican Vice President and the Democratic Speaker of the House.

              • SSD says:

                The funny thing is, that’s really hard to do without weapons. Now, James Hodgkinson, he brought a gun when he tried to kill members of Congress. And, he almost succeeded.

                • Mike says:

                  True. But not impossible. The rioters succeeded in beating Officer Brian Sicknick to death last month.

                  • SSD says:

                    Or, they didn’t. A tragedy to be sure, but there was no official cause of death. What’s more, no one has been charged with his murder. You should be suspicious of that.

                  • Ed says:


                    Are you that much of a useful idiot (look up Spanish civil war, circa 1936) or just an anti-American POS?

                    Those “protestors” that were at the capital bldg even before our former POTUS started speaking were Panti-fa faggot rioters and anarchist homos, all of them. Obviously you have no grasp on history or how different supporters react. How can Trump have over five years of rally’s and the only violence happened after Trump supporter attendees left the venue and were attacked by the same Panti-fa /faggot/burn murder loot kind?

                    No one with half a brain could see what was on MSM or even social media see that those who “breached” the capital were the same black-bloc tactics and SOPs from previous “mostly” peaceful riots. Grow a fucking brain!

                    Eric, I’m even ashamed of you giving this POS a back and forth as you take a “I don’t know, whatever convo”.

                    Mike, burning business down in the name of “ political goals” is the definition of terrorism! Go fucking kill yourself you leftist tool!

                    Have a nice day! 🙂

                    • SSD says:

                      Ed, dial it down a bit. It’s much more effective to draw them in and remind them of reality than to just haul off and call them names.

                    • Ed says:

                      Yeah, these left-wings kooks get me all feeling like a Spider Monkey all hopped up on Mountain Dew! I’m only 49 years old but I’d beat their ass! Lol 🙂

      • Duke says:

        I legitimately feel bad for you. You can’t even see a Star Wars joke without jumping immediately to identity politics. Your personal life is so unimportant and uninteresting that the only thing you have is to talk politics on the internet. Sad

  4. Tyrus Reche says:

    I’m not joining unless I can reach my lifelong dream of becoming a Master Chief.

  5. MRC says:

    If you’re in the related service school are you called a “space cadet”….

  6. Sommerbiwak says:

    No Spaceman First Class? So sad. 🙁

  7. Junior says:

    We were hoping, in days gone by, that we’d have: