Backcountry x Black Diamond GlideLite Skin

Backcountry teamed with Black Diamond to introduce the GlideLite Skin for ski touring big mountains.

It relies on a mohair nylon blend to balance gliding with reliable traction. The Universal tip attachment snaps onto the skin for tool-free setup and the STS tail system offers 10cm of adjustment for a secure fit. Includes a trimming tool to cut skins for a custom fit.

5 Responses to “Backcountry x Black Diamond GlideLite Skin”

  1. WmW says:

    Ski touring

  2. Ben says:

    Ok…..what are these?

    • Kit Badger says:

      They go on the bottom of your skis. They give you traction for moving uphill. Can then be easily pealed off to go down hill.

  3. jellydonut says:

    Can not recommend highly enough the use of Contour skins with Contour’s hybrid glue. The glue has enough stick to stay on your skis, while not being so inhumanly sticky that you practically rip the things apart when trying to unfold them. The skins can easily be folded in two and unfolded again later without worry.

    I see people faffing with glue protectors and trying to get the skins back on these storage items, in the wind, on mountain tops, and it is simply too much to bear. Buy hybrid glue skins, don’t be that guy.

    • cat_blaster says:

      the glue savers are for storage in the off season, not for use in the field.