Brownells New Scope Establishes New Light Transmission Standard

Brownells Newest MPO Scope Gives Dangerously High Light Transmission

GRINNELL, Iowa (April 1, 2021) –Brownells newest optic in its very popular Match Precision Optic line – the MPO LT –  disruptively shifts the light transmission paradigm out of the box to synergistically become a next-level shiny object brighter than the noonday sun.

Labeled the “LT” because of its dangerously-high light transmission rate, the MPO LT scope simultaneously transmits and focuses light so intensely the scope can be used as both an effective optic in low light, or a tactical energy weapon in full sunshine, able to start fires or sear retinas at up to 100 meters.

“We wanted a scope that would really move the needle in the optics world” said Director of Product Management Paul Levy. “Once we figured out how to transmit enough light through a scope to make it an almost-laser, we knew we were on to something big. Our people sacrificed – literally – to help make the MPO LT a reality.”

Each MPO LT will come with a professional-grade tactical welding helmet to prevent the user from blinding himself in bright light conditions. The first 100 MPO LT scopes will also come with a free advanced burn treatment field kit, an industrial sized jar of aloe vera cream, and a tactical eye patch should the worst-case scenario occur.

The MPO LT will retail for $6,999.95.

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