Comp-Tac Launches New Website with Shop By Gun Feature

HOUSTON, Apr. 5, 2021 – Comp-Tac® launched a new and improved website during the month of March with enhanced mobile capabilities and a new and easy to use shop by gun feature.

This new website features an enhanced infrastructure for a more responsive experience for users on mobile devices. The use of phone or tablet was specifically considered when images were chosen; the drop-down functionality on the pages are completely compatible with all IOS and Android devices.

The new “Shop By Gun” feature is a great way for new customers who are looking to see what is available for their weapon. Users can easily choose the make of their handgun and then narrow it down to model, or even model with light attachment to see what holster options exist. Additional navigation changes allow users to narrow their search by holster material, holsters body position and even type of carry.

“With so many new gun owners looking for carry options, we knew that it was key to allow users to find their holster within just a couple of clicks,” exclaimed Bill Babboni, vice president of sales and operations.  “The Shop by Gun feature as well as the upgraded navigation, dealer finder and overall revamp should help our customers be successful in all their shopping on”

Comp-Tac has experienced a series of positive changes over the past couple of years and the new website is an excellent next step in the growth and expansion of the company.

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