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Hill People Gear – Type I Pack

Some of Hill People Gear’s brand DNA comes from wildland firefighting. Co-founder Evan Hill used a jumper pack on the Wyoming Hotshots back when they were still made in the Rigger’s Loft by smokejumpers. When he started building packs, they were belted lumbars like the jumper pack. In fact, the Umlindi follows that lumbar pack tradition.

Kevin McDowell, is a Marine and wildland fire veteran who joined HPG initially as their Operations Manager and now serves as Marketing Director. He has been driving the company to create a fire pack. The resulting Type I Pack is based on the Umlindi V2.

The Type 1 Pack is sold as a complete system. It consists of the following components, which can also be purchased separately:

Base Pack – The Type 1 Pack is based on the Umlindi V2 Backpack. However, the side compression straps from the standard Umlindi have been removed.

Line Pocket – The Line Pocket is a simple compression pocket and side pull compression straps that is sized specifically to work with the Umlindi.

Fire Shelter Case – The Fire Shelter Case can be set up for right or left hand shelter deployment. It attaches underneath the base pack and also to the Line Pocket to raise the rear edge and keep the shelter from resting on the firefighter’s bottom.

Prairie Belt – HPG’s most robust load bearing belt is included in the system. By default the Type 1 Pack ships with the 30+ Prairie Belt, but substitutions for other sizes are possible.

The Type-1 Wildland Fire Pack, like all Hill People Gear products, is 100% made in the USA.

3 Responses to “Hill People Gear – Type I Pack”

  1. res51cue says:

    Ever since Mystery Ranch moved their fire line pack production overseas (while still charging the same amount), it’s great to see another player step-up and offer a Made in USA solution with a suspension that flat out works.

    Nicely done!

  2. EasY E says:

    I have other HPG equipment and it’s high quality. I’m sure this will be no different.

  3. I_hate_G_hooks says:

    G hooks suck