Are Your Hazmat Crews and First Responders Equipped for Nuclear and Radiological Threats in 2021?

(Wellington, FL, April 27, 2021) – Paratore Enterprises, Inc, a Florida company, is proud to offer First Responders better ways to protect themselves from radioactive sources.

Headquartered in Wellington, FL, Paratore Enterprises, Inc, understands that after a year of lockdown throughout most countries, now in 2021 the world continues to have its nuclear and radioactive threats.  With over 70 years of experience working in defense and law enforcement distribution in various capacities, Paratore Enterprises helps First Responders and Hazmat crews procure the means to do their job while being protected.

“There are three main types of nuclear terrorism,” explains Dalia Paratore, President and Founder of Paratore Enterprises, “nuclear explosives (nuclear bomb), nuclear sabotage (taking over a power plant) and detonation of radiological devices (dirty bombs or RDDs)”

The immediate health effects from exposure are determined by the amount of radiation absorbed by the body, the type of radiation (gamma, beta or alpha), the distance from the radioactive agents and the length of time of exposure. The general population is in danger but much more so are First Responders and Hazmat crews.  They need to be ensured the highest level of protection.

The number of the FBI’s domestic terrorism investigations has doubled to 2,000 since September 2020. Arrests on charges related to domestic terrorism have also jumped by nearly 70% to 180 in the most recent fiscal year. RDDs are comparatively easier to acquire material for and detonate and for this reason are popular among terrorist groups.

 “Many First Responders use Demron radiation suits, vests, shields and blankets. Demron radiation protection is similar to lead shielding, while being lightweight and flexible. Demron is proven by the United States Department of Energy to significantly reduce high energy alpha and beta radiation and reduce low energy gamma radiation,” explains Paco Paratore, Paratore Enterprises’ Chemical Engineering Subject Matter Expert. “These suits are thermo-conductive, meaning the wearer will not overheat as opposed to other suits and will be able to work longer. They are also reusable, something key for organizations’ budgets.”

One Response to “Are Your Hazmat Crews and First Responders Equipped for Nuclear and Radiological Threats in 2021?”

  1. Seamus says:

    These suits have been around for years and seem to be pretty effective…why on earth has DOD still maintained the JSLIST that is hot as hell and is less effective.