Wilcox BOSS Xe

SOFWERX to Host Special Reconnaissance (SR) Virtual Assessment Event Series 10-12 August 2021

SOFWERX, in concert with SOF AT&L Special Reconnaissance (PEO-SR), will host a series of Virtual Assessment Events (AEs) to identify technologies and techniques to aid four (4) Program Management (PM) Offices with the following eight (8) Technology Focus Areas (TFAs):

1 – PM Remote Capabilities (RC): Small Satellite Communications

2 – PM Remote Capabilities (RC): Advanced On-Orbit Processing Architectures

3 – PM Remote Capabilities (RC): Collaborative Autonomy for Small UAS

4 – PM Integrated Sensor Systems (ISS): Low-Cost Simple RF Collector

5 – PM Integrated Sensor Systems (ISS): Assessing Cyber Vulnerabilities

6 – PM Technical Collection & Communications (TCC): Remote Emplacement of Sensors/Tags

7 – PM Technical Collection & Communications (TCC): Maritime Tagging, Tracking, and Locating (TTL)

8 – PM Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE): Biometrics

Interested parties should submit NLT 08 July 11:59 PM ET.


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