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Spiritus Systems – MOLLE Back Panel

The MOLLE back panel was designed to give LV/119 O V E R T users the ability to quickly swap out multiple rear bag loadout configurations based on the needs of a mission set.

With its semi-rigid MOLLE frame, multiple anchor points, and quick zip installation, the MOLLE Back Panel is just as robust as a permanent sewn-in system while providing a near limitless set of pouch combination options.

7 Responses to “Spiritus Systems – MOLLE Back Panel”

  1. lcpl0420 says:

    Really missed an opportunity to add a drag handle here.

    • Zimba says:

      No Drag handle will hold some 15kg by the Zippers without damaging the system. Drag handles do not work to “drag” wounded personal, but only to carry the carrier. If you want to seriously drag a wounded person, you will grab him by the shoulder straps. And for storing on a kit rag, or carrying it from A to B, the shoulder straps are fine too and more comfortable than some 1″ webbing.

    • PGH says:

      I really wouldn’t want to secure a drag handle with a pair of zippers and a few snaps. You’d be better off using load bearing webbing to make the DAC style drag system.

      • Mike says:

        +1 for the DARC drag handle

        • JK says:

          The DARC drag handle concept put into reality by Spiritus is awesome, I don’t know if they make it anymore but you can easily make your own.

          If you think dragging a casualty by the drag handle or their PC straps is efficient, you’ve probably never actually had to drag someone

  2. mike says:

    I feel like the only person on the internet who is excited about coyote tegris… that’s huge!

  3. Mick says:

    Yeah I like the look of this. The new carriers we were issued recently came with zip off panel adapters as standard, and of course everyone rushed to set their hydro carriers up for zip-off and due to running 3L bladders in 2L carriers with zips, it creates this weird space between the back of the pouch and the back of the carrier. Like, you could fit your arm through the gap.