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Turns Out, CheyTac USA President Blaine Campbell Isn’t A Green Beret After All

Last April we published a press release from firearms manufacturer CheyTac USA with the news that they had been purchased by Campbell Arms Manufacturing. It was refreshing to hear that SOF veterans owning businesses, particularly in the firearms industry.

Involved with Campbell Arms Manufacturing, and by extension CheyTac USA, is President and Chairman Blaine Campbell who has identified himself as a Special Forces qualified veteran of the US Army. Based upon information gathered during a joint investigation by the Guardians of the Green Beret and the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project, we have learned that while Blaine Campbell is an Army combat veteran, he was never Special Forces qualified.

Apperently, records indicate Campbell attended the SF Weapons Sergeant MOS portion (phase 2) of the Special Forces Qualification Course in 1994, but was dropped before completing the rest of the school.

According to the article posted by the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project, Campbell has issued an apology to the Guardians of the Green Beret, but we haven’t seen it posted anywhere yet.

“I did apologize to the Guardians of the Green Beret. I’ve retracted everything,” he (Campbell) said. “I’m a combat vet. I am humble. I shouldn’t have said it. So be it. It is what it is.”

This revelation is most unfortunate considering that CheyTac USA firearms have been employed for extreme long range sniper missions by US and allied SOF. By all accounts, Campbell is great at building guns. That’s what ultimately matters. We’ll never understand the need to lie about a background to get ahead in business.

Numerous, additional details are contained in the aforementioned article so be sure to go read it.

UPDATE: Guardians of the Green Beret have published the documents used during their portion of the investigation into this affair.

26 Responses to “Turns Out, CheyTac USA President Blaine Campbell Isn’t A Green Beret After All”

  1. thebronze301 says:


    Probably not even a Combat Vet.

  2. Strike-Hold says:

    The downside of creating a hero-worship culture is that some will abuse it for their own self-aggrandizement.

    Many of us veterans wish we could have passed SF qualification, or have even had the chance to try it. Not everyone can pass selection – and that’s how it should be – but I’ve never seen any real SF vet shit on anyone who served honorably, regardless of whether they passed the Q-course or not (well, unless they were a REMF leg).

    So yeah, its a shame this guy felt the need to claim something he hadn’t achieved and earned.

  3. James says:

    I guess I’ll never understand that fully. While being SF certainly would give him some perspective, it’s really doesn’t mean much for the rifles(how many “guy-in-garage” stories are there?). Like Strike-Hold said it’s part of Hero Worship and I’m as guilty as the next guy for falling for it.

  4. Frank Plumb says:

    Disclaimer: I am aligned with CheyTac USA due to my representations for their technology to the SASC and other J level elements on counters to Next Gen near peer threats. I have not received any compensation, employment position, or have contractual relations outside of NDA’s with Campbell Arms/CheyTac USA.

    Blaine Campbell has consistently claimed he completed all phases of the SFQC (which he did attend classes 5-93 and 1-94). This was his basis for claiming 18B MOS Q’d. That personal issues became professional post Robin Sage and he was shipped off to Support BN of JFKSWCS.

    I find it unfortunate that both that the GoTGB and the SAF ran this story before my independent investigation of the matter had one single FOIA or other records requests completed.

    For initiating this independent investigation, I was removed from online Special Forces groups that could assist in validating information.

    It is by my direction that Blaine Campbell shared the only substantiated information (documents shown) and directed him to issue an immediate retraction and apology, that was conditionally private, until a complete investigation was concluded.

    Blaine has stated to me events and details that would lead any rational observer would conclude that his story, while not likely, was possible. A story the multiple FOIA and other records requests would validate his story as patently false or true.

    The twitch reaction to offer this maladroit and impulsive story in-front of the online “Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition” might show ulterior motives.

    CheyTac USA has pending litigation with several infringers of protected technologies, patents, and trademarks.

    I have made this statement without the direction or even knowledge of Blaine Campbell or the owners of CheyTac USA.

    • Chris says:

      In your 3rd paragraph you say that you find it unfortunate that this report was published before your report even got off the ground. However, who are you and why you should your report take precedence over theirs when you have barely even started yours and they done a significant amount of due diligence in theirs? What data do you think you could retrieve that they haven’t already?
      The dude is a liar, simply put, and your fawning “research” won’t be able to put the pieces back together.

    • Scott says:

      Mr. Plumb has introduced himself as a technical advisor for Cheytac for over a year. Hard to believe he is rendering his “services” for free. He and Blaine are long time friends and cut from the same cloth. Bottom line is Blaine Campbell is found to be a liar and a fraud and Frank Plumb continues to defend him. It is obvious after the release of the full report from the Guardians, complete with factual evidence, that there is no question of Blaine’s guilt. No further investigation is needed. It makes you wonder what Frank Plumb stands to gain for his support.

      • FRANK PLUMB says:


        As of Jun 6-14-21 @ 1023 PST the only contractual relation between myself and CheyTac USA is an NDA. I have not received one penny in compensation other than airfare to visit their facility in June of last year.

        Yes, I did entertain an executive position @ CT USA. In the very early stages post acquisition I sent e-mails and made a post in Snipers Hide stating I was functioning in that manner. I decided it was too early stage, and moved to an advisory position interacting though my own company a short time thereafter. Still no compensation to date.

        I first met Blaine at SHOT of 2020. (IDK if that qualifies as long time)

        It is by my insistence the only documents GoTGB’s has in this matter (I know of) were sent to them by Blaine. That he conducted the SAF interview and apologized in it again by my insistence.

        While there are lot of different perspectives on what constitutes factual evidence. I’ve only seen blanked out emails and the documents provided by Blaine so far. (hence incomplete)

        I would say the investigation is just beginning, as it appears other factors might be in play.

        But as it stands, and as I have said consistently, Blaine has and had no right to claim MOS 18B/ SF status.

        As for what I have to gain? Just the security of my integrity. I came here publicly, using my own name, to call it like I see it. Perhaps you could do the same.

    • Rick Blane says:

      @Frank Plumb, you said “I find it unfortunate that both that the GoTGB and the SAF ran this story before my independent investigation of the matter had one single FOIA or other records requests completed”

      Have you actually submitted any FOIA requests to anybody? Day/Date submitted and to who? Didn’t the Guardians offer to help get you to the people needed to make this happen? Why would they wait for you? Who the heck are you? What do you bring to the table? This is what they do, They don’t need you to independently verify their findings.

      You wrote, “Blaine Campbell has consistently claimed he completed all phases of the SFQC (which he did attend classes 5-93 and 1-94). This was his basis for claiming 18B MOS Q’d”

      I think the Guardians proved that he only attempted the training. Did you write this before or after they shared their findings? They posted statements from Cadre that say he never went to the field. They posted statements from those that knew him in the 82nd and while in training. What drugs are you smoking?

      You wrote, “It is by my direction that Blaine Campbell shared the only substantiated information (documents shown) and directed him to issue an immediate retraction and apology”

      Why the heck is he taking advice from you and not someone smart? You seem to have inserted yourself into an area you have little to no skill at.

      You wrote, “The twitch reaction to offer this maladroit and impulsive story in-front of the online “Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition” might show ulterior motives”

      What motives? Don’t they simply report facts in an unbiased way? Are you trying to create a false narrative? How is it impulsive?

      It looks like they shared more data and research than most cases they have done in the past, and they have done this for a long time.

      What is the reason for your post? Are you saying he might be a Green Beret? Even though he’s admitted he’s not? His 1059 shows he was dropped before the course was even close to being completed. They say they interviewed those who signed the 1059 which further narrows it to the start of the course. They have an email from them that says he never went to the field to complete Robin Sage.

      What the Heck kind of tale are you trying to weave?

      Doesn’t the article show that Campbell told Brenda, the Guardians, and the SAF that he pinned his tab on after Robin Sage? Don’t the Guardians prove beyond doubt that didn’t happen by those that actually went through and/or taught the course at the time?

      I think your statement does CheyTac and Campbell an injustice and makes you look silly.

      • FRANK PLUMB says:


        First, I wanted to complement you having the integrity to talk “face to face”. I can not tell you enough how in this day and age, that I appreciate it. I respect it immensely. (unless you are just Humphrey Bogart in North Africa)

        So you and I are clear, once I saw the OMPF I was adamant about Blaine’s retraction/apology. Until something changes, that does not. FYI Blaine has followed my direction without issue.

        Second, let me start with my methodology. There are no BS real world implications for Mr. Campbell in this matter. Being publicly put “on blast” on SSD is the least of them.

        I see one of four possibilities.

        #1 Blaine’s story of toxic undue command influence post Sage is true (extremely unlikely but not zero)

        #2 What Blaine remembers is not what actually happened 25 years ago (most likely)

        #3 Blaine is embellishing to save face in front of real SOF guys (not likely)

        #4 Blaine is falsely representing himself in order to get others to engage in contractual relations. (not likely…but oh boy if he did)

        In the case of #1 I am no fan of SWCS in the 1990’s. I know shady shit went down in that period. So extremely unlikely, yes. Case closed? No. I am of the opinion blackballing SWCS students was a sport. If he actually graduated Sage, it changes everything (small chance of that but still)

        For #2 I see this as mostly likely. The Q is already stressful enough. His personal issue was another level of suck. Having your life exploded the in the way it was, was a ticket to murder and/or suicide. From what I know, suicide had to be thought, this all might cloud his recollection. (still means claiming 18B is wrong)

        #3 Possible but he has said the exact same thing to me every single time. He was right upfront on day 1. (SFAS-MOS-Field-SAGE-then stuck in SWCS)

        #4 Now this is why it has to be drilled into the damn ground. I mean attendance rosters, counseling statements, training schedules, all of it. If in the off chance that his 18B Q’d was all cooked up to get people to work with him. I will claw out his soul with a spork myself.

        While this is go no/go event for GoTGB and SAF, for a lot of other people it is not that simple. There are a lot of other complicating factors. I believe with a high level of certainty those who wish to damage Mr. Campbell and CheyTac USA have provided statements to both parties that are completely erroneous but were used. I think GoTGB and SAF had no idea, but it happened.

        While I respect GoTGB efforts for getting testimony. I have not been able to read/see any of it. I got booted from SF Brothers on FB, which stinks to high heaven.

        I had a plan to resolve these matters, with written testimony backed up by documents. So that the unassailable truth of the matter was undeniable. But instead we are discussing it on SSD publicly.

        That is why I feel the articles were released prematurely. I do not care how it makes me look.

  5. Iggy says:

    He won’t be the only one.

  6. Amer-Rican says:

    In my opinion, lack of integrity and ethics is always unfortunate, to put it mildly. Campbell joins the list:

    ‘Mick Strider’
    Mike Lamb
    Senator dick blumenthal
    former VP joe biden
    Springfield arms
    Anyone who buys products from CCP controlled companies like 0!ight and H0!0sun

    I’m sure I missed a few

    • Yawnz says:

      Are we seriously shitting on Springfield because they didn’t make a statement about the Illinois Shooting Sports Foundation fast enough? Same with Yeti. They redo their entire discount system and people still genuinely think that they “dropped” the NRA?

      • Chris A says:

        Springfield was supporting a California-style roster in Illinois as long as their handguns were exempt. I think the hate for Benchmade is somewhat undeserved though. Those confiscated guns were getting destroyed regardless, they were just the one who got the money to do it. I don’t know anything about the Yeti situation.

        • Amer-Rican says:

          RE the benchmade issue: public records show the owners of BM previously gave cash to the campaigns of two to three anti-gun leftist politicians, at least one of whom didn’t even represent their home state of Oregon.

          Before I put someone on my “never buy” list, I research the hard facts.

        • HSR47 says:

          The groups who oppose the death penalty have put a lot of work into their effort to get pharmaceutical companies to stop providing the necessary drugs to government entities.

          Their end goal is to force governments to either give up on the idea of capital punishment because it’s too expensive and inconvenient to actually do it, or to force them to resort to means that can then be challenged in court as violating the 8th amendment ban on “cruel and unusual punishment”.

          The corollary here is clear: If private companies refuse to participate in the government’s quest to destroy arms, then the government won’t be able to destroy arms.

          TLDR: Your argument in favor of BM hinges on the idea that “someone else would have done it if BM hadn’t.” But what if the idea of destroying arms at the behest of the government was so toxic that no company would be willing to be associated with it?

    • Davy Crockett says:

      Oh man, that’s a moronic post.

  7. Amer-Rican says:

    RE: Springfield Armory’s owner Dennis Reese:

    “Prosecutors cleared the way for the indictment last month when Dennis Reese, president of Springfield Armory Inc. of Geneseo, Ill., who alleged arranged the payoffs, pleaded guilty to lesser charges and agreed to cooperate with investigators.”

    “Reese, who was named as an unindicted co-conspirator, pleaded guilty in February to single counts of conspiracy and filing false statements.”

  8. Amer-Rican says:

    Also, it was Dennis Reese owner of Springfield Armory who founded the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association/IFMA- NOT the ISSF.

    There’s plenty of hard evidence to refute the Springfield Armory talking point you parroted.

  9. Nicks87 says:

    This type of stolen valor is all too common in the firearms community.

    “I was Air Force SF and now I’m a police officer.”

    The reality is I was Air Force Security Forces and now I’m a security officer at the VA hospital.

    See how easy that was?

    • SSD says:

      Nick, I realize it’s pride month, but you ought to get a new email address.

      As far as an Air Force guy saying he was “SF,” Security Forces are the only SF in the AF.

  10. Hatchet says:

    Jean-Luc-Picard-palm-to-face…. *sigh* Needless aggrandizement.. Just, no.
    A real-deal-Green-Beret just plain wouldn’t do that. Wouldn’t need to… According to the ‘update’,he’s ‘fessed up – according to GoTGB ‘inasmuch’ – and will only issue a ‘private apology’. Nope. Only rope-of-hope(vs a noose) is full-on disclosure with a public apology. As Don Shipley would say “All or nothing, Dude”!

  11. Stickman says:

    Dirty deeds aren’t just done dirt cheap, they are also done quietly and kept that way.

    No need to be bragging, screaming or embellishing it to everyone.

  12. Hatchet says:

    @Stickman ??

  13. Hatchet says:

    @Stickman – meant to say – two thumbs up