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Introducing Skylink by Blue Sky Network

A Dual-Mode Data Management Solution for Land, Air, Sea, and IoT Applications

San Diego, CA, June 15, 2021 – Today, Blue Sky Network announced SkyLink, a dual-mode data management solution for land, air, sea, and IoT applications. This comprehensive software and hardware configuration is specifically engineered to capture and disseminate mission-critical information from any location and display it in a secure online portal.

“The hardware is small-form and stackable to meet the size, weight, and power requirements of any mission,” said Ron Hume, CTO of Blue Sky Network, “However, it is not just about the data collection, but how that data is received. That’s what makes the cloud portion of our SkyLink solution so invaluable.”

“SkyLink is multifaceted and configurable in form and function,” stated Tucker Morrison, CEO of Blue Sky Network, “It’s a solution born of our partners, customers, and our prospective customers’ operational needs. We are excited to see SkyLink come to life and support remote missions across the globe.”

“Developed using licensed Iridium® core technology, SkyLink’s versatility enables it to serve a variety of remote, mobile, and global operations for maritime, aviation, land, IoT and more,” says Bryan Hartin, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Iridium. “This management solution will operate on the Iridium Certus® 100 service, offering a powerful combination of small size and high performance that will make it easier and more affordable for enterprise grade voice, remote monitoring, and data management, while enabling reliable coverage anywhere in the world.”

SkyLink by Blue Sky Network offers both Iridium Certus service and local GSM/LTE connectivity for continuous, end-to-end sensor reporting, asset utilization, IoT/M2M monitoring, and two-way messaging. The lightweight, multi-stack hardware is designed for any fixed-mount, portable, or mobile application and offers a range of service configurations for mission-focused safety, efficiency, versatility, and affordability. An optional, rechargeable backup battery offers up to 6 hours of continuous power for off-grid sites, non-powered vessels, power outages, or remote operations.

Pre-orders for SkyLink begin today, June 15, 2021, with hardware distribution planned for September 2021. All pre-orders are eligible for early access to the SkyLink Cloud Services portal, live testing data, and training materials. For more information on the SkyLink solution, visit www.blueskynetwork.com/skylink.

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