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Get Your F15s from Centurion Arms

Since it has been declared that the citizens need F-15 to defend themselves Centurion Arms has stepoed up to help people gear up to protect their families and loved ones from the tyrannical crime syndicate!!! Each F-15 comes with 3 selector options!! “no nuke” “nuke” and “full nuke” to give you a full range of defensive options against any storm troopers heading your way!!!!

They will also be donating a portion of each sale to an Ashli Babbitt fund. Ashli Babbitt was a 14-year air force veteran killed by capitol police officer Michael Leroy Byrd on January 6th 2021.

38 Responses to “Get Your F15s from Centurion Arms”

  1. Philip Morris says:

    I want several of these but rather not have money donated to the domestic terrorist Ashli Babbitt

    • ExEd says:

      How’s that kool-taste Phil??? I hope it’s sweet enough to wash the taste of Hunter Biden out of your mouth?

      MAGA Forever!!!

    • iggy says:

      Calling AB a terrorist waters down the real meaning of the word and bleeds away your freedoms. Real terrorists exist, both domestic and foreign, but AB wasn’t one of them.

      • Niles says:

        She trespassed and assaulted the capitol building… what would you call someone that did the same to the White House or Pentagon?

        • iggy says:

          She did indeed, but that doesn’t make her a terrorist. I’d call her a hooligan, like any occupy group, subject to common criminal law.

          • Niles says:

            A hooligan? I’m sure you happily you apply that term to anyone that breaks in to a government building while terrorizing law enforcement.

        • jjj0309 says:

          “They trespassed the British ships and assaulted teas… What would you call someone that did the same to the Royal Castle or Buckingham?”

          The capital building is built upon American’s tax paying money, and our Constitution allows peaceful assemble. There was many past legal precedents allowed peaceful assembles within restricted government buildings such as courts.

          Tell me, what kind of ‘Terror’ she intended to spread by peacefully occupying a government building while unarmed.

          The real terrorists are the one she fought for 14 years. If domestic citizen is considered to be terrorist and worthy of summary execution without warning for trespassing non-military government property, our streets will be full of dead bodies.
          There will be so many terrorists, people won’t know who is the real terrorists that is threat to our country, or the one who did something someone don’t like.

          I see the Centurion Arms supporting remaining family of a veteran who tragically killed during practicing the first amendment. I wasn’t remotely thinking too deep about it, but you people turning the word ‘Terrorist’ to another buzzword really make me sick.

          • Niles says:

            Peacefully enter? She was warned multiple times but still tried to enter through a broken door / window. But maybe you provide those that break into your house with such grace?

          • Niles says:

            She was warned multiple times in the video that shows her death. Please don’t be another liar.

          • Niles says:

            After further review of video evidence I believe you have no idea of what “peaceful” means

          • Niles says:

            So I can “peacefully” enter the same way she did to military facilities? Perhaps you should actually review the video of her breaking in to the Capitol Building. It certainly wasn’t peaceful in any definition I am familiar with.

            • Dumbass Police says:

              You don’t get shot for it. Arrested maybe, but not shot for trespass. I suppose you think George Floyd deserved to be choked to death?

  2. Niles says:

    Ah, good to know which company not to buy an AR from if they’re giving money to a traitor

    • ExEd says:

      Niles, your comment is befuddling? Do we even know if Ashli Babbit was a True Trump supporter or another anti-first-admendment, anarchist, commie clown dressed as one???

      Either way, Love that Centurion Arms is trolling this abortion of an administration and making great products!

      MAGA!!! You know who really won the election and it isn’t the scarecrow in the White House

      • Niles says:

        Yes we know she was a Q-anon supporter and Trump fanatic.

        Biden won

        • ExEd says:

          The stupid is strong in you! You must be one proud anti-American!

          • Niles says:

            I love my country

            Who’s sitting in the White House? Hahaha you trumpers are so sad.

        • Dick says:

          “BIDEN WON”…???


          HE never Won,
          other than He is the POS DEEP STATER LEACH who
          gets to sit in the chair..

          I am a “Child of the 60’s” Like Iggy..
          I still have 3 active Brain Cells…

          It is Absolutely So CLEAR that the Election Was Stolen,
          that one has to be Literally Mentally BLINDED to
          NOT see the facts of that issue

          • Niles says:

            Yeah sure… the Dems stole the election from trump but ignored
            Local and State positions. Simultaneously the most advanced cheaters the world has ever seen and the most inept.

            I hope you don’t have the power to make any decisions that actually
            Impact the future
            For others

          • Niles says:

            Yeah keep wishing those AZ “auditors” from a shady cybersecurity company find bamboo fibers with UV light to prove…. Something.

            It’s just getting sad. Lead paint in your abode?

    • jjj0309 says:

      Niles, right now you are enjoying the luxury time to talking about which company not to buy an AR from, but the administration you are supporting is openly talking about confiscating and banning the sale of AR.

      Who’s sitting in the White House? The one who openly admitted the plan to confiscate your AR-14s. I hope you clean and sort your ARs well for the future when the government knocks on your door for them. Why are you talking about which company not to buy an AR from when you won’t even be able to buy an AR anyway?

      “you trumpers are so sad” you say, but they are not much sad as the dwindling future of the Second Amendment and our freedom.

      • Niles says:

        Has anything been passed to confiscate my ARs, shotguns, and
        magazines? As far as the second amendment it seems quite safe to me given the judiciary.

      • Niles says:

        Keep clutching your pearls over firearm seizures… haven’t seen even the littlest bit during my entire lifetime

        • jjj0309 says:

          Then you must be born after at least 2005. That’s very young of you, Niles. Good to know you don’t have any AR-14s to be confiscated and worry about.

          Not many bills passed during last few years to confiscate your future ARs, shotguns and magazines but the very administration you are supporting, and the president of the United States is currently trying to pass numbers of bills and legislation to actually make it happen, and those ‘sad trumpers’ and ‘traitors’ you talked about are desperately block and impede them in the congress.

          Supporting an administration and a president who openly, not even shame or hiding about the agenda to destroy the second amendment and confiscating all ARs from citizens, and make everything above .22LR to be banned; but not actually worrying about it and even somehow thinking the second amendment is and will be ‘safe’, is hell of a cognitive dissonance. It’s beyond simple indifference or apathy; it’s a willful ignorance that treading our freedom.

          Freedom is responsibility, and the price for it is eternal vigilance. Rights and freedom are not indestructible comforts there for you forever. Your illiteracy regards history, and apathy towards our public affairs is the single handily the most destructive thing for our freedom; not the ones who seek to destroy it.

          One does not vote for Adolf Hilter while expecting Jewish people will be safe and unharmed. At least try to be against the Second Amendment; not bloated with peace and entitlement so much, expecting anything that hasn’t happened ‘yet’ would not happen ever. Which was happened before.

      • Niles says:

        Maybe you’re worried about the red flag laws… but people with mental issues wouldn’t be good for a well regulated Militia anyway… right?

  3. Niles says:

    It would be ironic if this was used to shoot a trespasser…

  4. Ben says:

    Lol, I love Centurion Arms

  5. Joe_K says:

    The American AR-15. The F-15’s “master key”. I wonder if ole’ sleepy Joe knows what guards F-15’s and Nukes? ?

    • Hatchet says:

      Based on what the US and the rest of the World has seen thus far in the deeds of Sniffer-Joe, would NOT bet the farm on it…

  6. Dagger says:

    Niles is here to sniff out “terrorists”