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Sneak Peek – Nike React SFB Carbon

Coming soon from Nike is the React SFB Carbon.

It oncorprates Nike’s stiff carbon fiber Flyplate technology which they claim optimizes your stride while providing support to help minimize fatigue, ease pressure on your Achilles and reduce slipping inside the shoe. The plate acts as an internal rock shield while the outsole helps prevent punctures.

This is combined with Nike React foam which combines comfort with energy return. The more energy you put into your step, the more you get in return.

The outsole is a combination of hard and sticky rubbers make up the aggressive sole pattern, giving you durability in heavy strike zones and exceptional traction in natural and urban environments. Rubber teeth in the arch provide added grip when you’re climbing ropes or covering rugged terrain.

Fabric wraps the midsole for reinforcement and stability. They’ve also included a solid rubber reinforced toe.

Finally, the React SFB Carbon comes with heavy-duty laces with Kevlar core and the there’s a lace stow to keep them out of the way.

These will be offered in Black and Coyote.

10 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Nike React SFB Carbon”

  1. Liam Haakon Athias Babington says:

    Nike supports the CCP….I used to buy thier stuff, never again

    • Glenn says:

      You type this on your phone? Or a computer? You think those purchases supported US companies?

      • Amer-Rican says:

        Glenn, you greedy, ethically challenged types want to silence Patriots who point out that Chy-nuh is at war with us, and the only thing you can say, as seen above, is the equivalent of calling someone ‘Racist’ when you don’t like their “Pro- America” views. It’s a pathetic deflection and intellectually lazy.

        Furthermore, what you’re saying is that because Chy-nuh has total control over, for example, the manufacturing of connected devices like phones, tablets, laptops, etc., that Americans should just shut up and allow Chy-nuh to steal ALL industries from us.

        You’re literally trying to silence Pro-America views in favor of the CCP/ Chy-neez Communist Party.

      • Yawnz says:

        Not exactly comparable. You can find US-made shoes a whole lot easier than you can US-made computer components.

        On the flip side, US-made means fuck all on its own.

  2. scott says:

    Can we agree to never list another Nike product

  3. Bill R says:

    Nike might be of China and for China and even worse support the Oregon Ducks Athletic Department but damn their shoes are fast. The carbon plate and react foam will likely take 15-30 sec off your trail/ruck mile pace.

    The vaporfly next% shaved 15sec off my mile pace for 2-10mi runs without any additional training.

  4. El Terryble says:

    In 2022, just in time for the Mid-term elections, Nike is coming out with models that feature Colin Kapearnick that have pigs wearing police hats, and an NSA version that uploads your GPS coordinates, all verbal conversations, and any mention of “Election theft”, “Insurrection”, Biblical World view, or Second Amendment directly to the desk of the DOJ and FBI via the NSA database in Utah.

  5. Lasse says:

    It’s getting to the point where I can’t tell if it’s real people or AIs based on South Park stereotypes commenting here.

  6. With the 100 year anniversary of oppression, murder, starvation, tyranny, and neglect wouldn’t it be great to show your continued support of a ChiCom loving company? Oh, wait, no it isn’t. Nike should leave America altogether and change its name, Greece was the birth of democracy, so Nike is not a good name. Maybe, Norites or Slavers, that’s a great name for a sweatshop company.