The Urban EDC Rekluse-S

We all know how much Justin Koch loves his bugs. But, it wasn’t until now that he was able to release a swarm of knives like this. Meet the Urban EDC Rekluse-S, the first in the Swarm Series – designed by Koch, produced by Urban EDC Supply! Operating blissfully on its own, as the name implies, the Rekluse-S is the perfect size to get everyday tasks done while riding seamlessly in your pocket. Like Wu-Tang’s ‘Killer Bees’, this one is soon to be followed by many, the Urban EDC Rekluse-S is the first in the upcoming ‘Swarm Series’. A fresh twist on a traditional folding knife. Unlike the namesake, you won’t want to keep this knife hidden away.

Like all Koch Designs and Urban EDC productions, the Rekluse-S has such an ergonomic curved design that fits your hand perfectly, offering a full four-finger grip. The Rekluse is a slipjoint knife, making it the perfect gentleman’s carry. Deployable with two hands (via a satisfying click), it is non-locking, making it legal to carry in most places across the country, and even the world! With an S35VN blade coming in at just 2.8 inches, blade length restrictions won’t be a problem for this beast either.

From the precision tip for smaller cuts, to the sweeping belly for slicing, the Urban EDC Rekluse-S will stun any prey. Now available for pre-order in OD green aluminum, jade G10, and brown micarta – are you going to pick just one, or collect the whole swarm?

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