Velocity Systems

Warrior West 21 – Crisis Response Leader Training

Warrior West 21 showcased quite a bit of training and supination technologies. One of the standouts was Crisis Response Leader Training.

This Indiana company provides computer-based simulation training to develop Emergency and Crisis Response Leaders.

Their customizable training tool called, “The Incident” looks like, and responds like, a third-person, turn-based video game. The characters not controlled by participants are autonomous, and they are programmed to act based on real-world case studies. The simulation can be run as a stand-alone training platform, or various organizations and agencies can participate in the same training scenario remotely (similar to a video game’s multiplayer feature). The training is run all slower than real time in order for trainees to consider consequences.

Scenarios include active shooters, workplace violence, barricaded suspects, chemical and biological containment, major fires, and natural disasters.

Crisis Response Leader Training technologies are available for unit and agency orders from ADS, Inc.

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