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Admin Message Regarding Comments on SSD

We are no longer approving new commenters. If you don’t already have an approved account, you won’t be getting one anytime soon.

This is a news website and we publish items we consider newsworthy. Some are press releases, others are written by a handful of others. It is apparently quite difficult for many of you to comprehend that an article on SSD is not an endorsement by our editorial staff. It’s just news folks. Furthermore, articles published on the site are not paid for. Alternatively, we have some great advertisers, who offer fantastic products and services. You should support them.

As far as current comments go; we don’t care if you can’t afford it, shipping is too high, it’s made in the wrong country, the flat bill bill your ass look fat, they donated to the wrong party, said something that hurt your poor little feelings, or the person who owns the company has the wrong skin color to suit you.

The past few weeks have been eye-opening. It’s quite sobering as conservatives to find that those who claim to be on the same side as you promote political violence and a desire to deny civil liberties to others.

We will not provide a platform for those who wish to anonymously further divide our society, cast aspersions on others, or promote hate.

Consequently, we are considering closing the comments section of our posts completely. Until then, keep it civil and pretend the person you are responding to is sitting across the table. And, don’t make accusations about someone else if you aren’t going to share your true name and location with the class.

Eric Graves


82 Responses to “Admin Message Regarding Comments on SSD”

  1. Chuck says:

    Mind your manners, /k/ommandos. SSD isn’t 4chan.

  2. GANDIS says:

    It’s unfortunate you had to do this but I understand, and admire, your willingness to shut the rhetoric down.

  3. Dan says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs.

    If I could implore you to keep the comments section in some capacity as it offers a fantastic industry resource for additional information and subject matter knowledge.

    • Will Rodriguez says:

      I second this.

      Often much is learned in the comments.

      It’s a shame rudeness has become cool.

  4. Capt M says:

    I’ve gotten a lot out of the comments on SSD in the past – some fantastic knowledge bombs; interactions with article contributors, companies and distributors, and fellow readers.
    There are always going to be people whose opinions and beliefs are on the fringes/extremes, and unfortunately they’re often the most vocal.
    It would be a real shame to see the comment section go, but understandable given recent behaviour.
    Keep up the good work, Eric. We’re all truly grateful for what you do!

  5. chris says:

    I made a ‘shipping too expensive’ comment recently. Sorry about that, didn’t mean to add to the problem.

  6. It can create a messy wall of text, but I can appreciate SSD is a place where some discourse can occur. A seemingly new problem is having these tech lefties show up from places like wired and arstechnica where they are fascinated with the defense industry gear and then hate everything to do with what the defense industry actually does. Over there through downvotes and bans they make up a false reality, while over here at SSD their armchair position at least gets challenged.
    That said, I feel your pain on classic dumb comments like people demanding USA made at overseas prices and free shipping. I’ve lost track of how many dumb comments have been attempted about a Team Wendy shotshow video with “but they voted for Hillary”. Like damn, I’m just trying to show some helmet news.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Thank you! It would be cool if you left the comments enabled, as it’s often a good way to find links to the featured products, or similar products that have a slightly different take on a solution that might work better in different circumstances. But it does get tiring wading through the BS culture war comments when I’m just trying to keep an eye on new gear.

  8. Ken says:

    I enjoy reading the comments and sometimes find useful information there pertaining to the article. People can be jerks though.

  9. iggy says:

    I’ve been enlisted, contracted, work in the industry, use a lot of what’s shown here and SSD has a unique and real platform with a good set of ethics whatever side of politics you’re on, refreshingly moderated with a character often lacking in these days of AI blandness.
    Losing the comments here will be to lose a rare and valuable connection with the industry around us and it’s annoying that a minority abuses that.

    I’ve made occasional divisive comments so hope I’m not part of the problem and will do better in the future out of respect for the unique liberties of this site.

  10. Frier Duck says:

    I will say that it is understandable due to nature of some of the people that comment. But, I would like to say it is truly a shame. This has been a place where non industry people like myself, may ask possibly relevant questions to those “in the know”.

  11. RockyMountain9 says:

    I’m sorry to hear of the bad behavior by a minority of users. I’d like to kindly ask that you keep the comments section open, as well as permitting new users. Venues for discourse in this industry are invaluable, especially as traditional social media increasingly censors defense- and firearm-related speech. I personally have found great value in others’ comments on SSD. Thank you.

  12. MThomas says:

    I have said this before, when the comments first opened up, what ever the post was about lots of knowledge chimed in about the product or subject. It was very cool. I am just a gear whore so real world application was awesome. So while we still have comments here, how about more of that and less BS. Thanks for doing this Eric. It is the best site out here. Thanks again, Matt Thomas

    • Major Smoof says:

      Totally this! I’ve been bought boots, outerwear, packs and even an AR based on info learned here.

  13. Marcus says:

    God Bless you and your family, Eric. This is truly a unique place which you can tell runs on a hard work, never quit, never falter attitude that always endeavors to bring the best to the fore.

    We unfortunately live in the age of idiots, malcontents and truly evil people who often find the need to express their fatuity and baseness. Their iniquitous exploits seem to never sleep, and always endeavor to divide and distract us from any righteous mission. I expect you’ll continue to give it back to them- and then some.

  14. RFfromNOVA says:

    Allow me to be contrarian. Eric, love the site, love the info, long time follower. You don’t beat bad ideology or idiots by banning either. You either believe in freedom of speech or you don’t. I know, easy for me to say, I don’t run a website. I bet even those happy with this post are upset about “big tech” and the way they run their sites. You are in no way comparable to FB or Google, but your stance matters and the way you react to opinions, no matter how asinine, matters. Ignore, shun, provide contrary evidence, but don’t ban or eliminate, it never stops stupidity; it only allows it to grow.

    • Mick says:

      Disagree. SSD’s house, SSD’s rules. As a private platform, they have every right to decide the environment they want to cultivate, and eject those that aren’t making positive contributions.
      Banning stupidity allows it to grow? I disagree… but even if that’s true, SSD can decide that stupidity should go elsewhere to grow.

      • Papa6 Actual says:

        Mick – while i understand the sentiment of “your house, you rules”. I’m not 100% sure that really applies to a publicly viewed website. What is your stance on those who say the same thing about FB, IG, Twitter, etc who are censoring and banning certain viewpoints? I don’t believe we will get anywhere as a country if we don’t relearn how to talk and debate openly and civilly.

        If a person says something stupid, then leg the blogosphere ridicule them mercilessly. If someone says something truly dangerous or illegal, then the moderator should report them to the appropriate authorities.

    • Robert G. says:

      Spot on RFfromNOVA. I respect SSD’s decisions on how to run their business, but I think the best way to stop bad ideas and views is to allow better ones to challenge them. I have had views that I once shared get torn apart on here in well articulated ways. These discussions have led to me changing some of my own views. Uncensored discourse is hard to find nowadays and needed more than ever.

      • SSD says:

        Not when they are racist. People telling me I shouldn’t be married to my wife and that she and my children doesn’t deserve civil rights have no platform here. There are plenty of places that will be happy to discuss those ideas with you.

        • Crackers says:

          Eric, that’s abhorrent.

        • Papa6 Actual says:

          Sir – I am truly appalled that someone would say such horrible and very hurtful things in public! Especially on this site.

          But, I have to agree with RFfromNOVA and others here. We either allow people to exercise their constitutional rights or we’re no better than the other big tech companies who are censoring and banning certain voices.

          I might find someone else’s viewpoints totally asinine, but I took an oath to defend their constitutional right to make an ass out of themselves. As long as they don’t yell “Fire” in a crowded theater.

  15. Ray Forest says:

    I hope it doesn’t come to total shut down. I’m sure some of the companies posting here are testing the waters for feedback as well. Maybe consider a group of moderators who could sort the wheat from the chaff and cull some of the less useful comments?

    • Papa6 Actual says:

      You mean something like the “fact checkers” on FB and YouTube? Hhhhmmm, I don’t see how that could go wrong . . .

  16. Alpha2 says:

    As others have chimed in, I appreciate the comments…not the tiresome “made in Chy-nuh” crap, but the invaluable wealth of knowledge that has been shared by so many folks that are much more educated than myself.

    Although it is unfortunate that you had to write this, I appreciate you addressing the issue and I am hopeful it gives all of us readers a chance to rectify our behavior so we can continue to engage and learn from others.

  17. Electrician says:

    Just checking to see if im still cool enough to post

  18. Dem says:

    Is there some other way that we would be able to either post amplifying information regarding a post or ask (legit) questions regarding a post if comments are turned off?

  19. BAP45 says:

    Hey mine still works!

  20. x marks the spot says:

    I don’t have an account here but I’ve been reading SSD for years. Even if I myself cannot comment anymore, I’d appreciate if you left the comments open for those that DO have an account as the information found in them is usually fascinating and educational.

  21. Adam says:

    Dang. I thought you were gonna take a break from posting cool stuff for me to dump my paycheck on and never use.

    • Dan says:

      Same here. Money can’t fly out of our hands fast enough.

      Helping to keep the “daily” in SSD.

  22. Jeff says:

    Thanks for honesty, and value your website immensely. Helps me keep up to date on future tech and just fun stuff for work.

  23. Jeb says:

    No account, posted here and there, supported a very large percentage of your sponsors, come faithfully to read comments…the comments are what helps drive the decision to support your sponsors or not many times. SSD readers being able to articulate gear that has failed, gear that is built/made inside the US by solid veteran based companies and of course gear that is just phenomenal and can handle years of abuse is a great resource. It’s also allowed companies to interact with their customer base. So essentially, Eric, if you shut the comments down, the SSD slogan for being ‘here for the comments’ will hold no water and will affect not just your traffic but may affect your sponsors. This site is an asset to some of us and if you shut comments down, you lose that ability to be an asset. I check SSD every day and I even read comments on shit not pertaining to my interest because of your followers and some actually imparting experience based knowledge. It’s a place to learn. Don’t make it the public education system.

  24. Charlie Taylor says:

    The comments section on here is one of the best out of any new sources I follow, so I totally understand wanting to maintain that high bar. Actively moderating a comments section is a full time job in and of itself, so as a follower I would much rather you devote your time to continuing to bring the best industry coverage there is.

  25. Richard Schagen says:

    Even when your mad you a good laugh to read

    You have a great page Eric – keep it up

    Regards Richard

  26. bulldog76 says:

    wow i wish i was shocked but im not

  27. 96C says:

    Not a bad call, unfortunately comment sections are more often than not HIGH risk nowadays… Real shame.

    This community has a lot of good in it still however.

  28. WarBro says:

    Thumbs up!

  29. Andrew says:

    I don’t have an account, and haven’t commented in a long time. If this is my last chance to comment, thanks for running a fantastic site which I have enjoyed reading nearly daily for years.

    I understand the reasoning for your decision, but please don’t completely eliminate the comments section due to ignorant jerks.

  30. Jon H. says:

    As someone who works in the industry, I just want to throw some weight towards leaving the comments open. There are some posts that highlight people’s ignorance, but the ones that spark discussion about the history of products and events, and first hand experience with products are enlightening and difficult to find elsewhere.
    Whichever way the comment section goes, keep up the great work Eric!

  31. Vic Toree says:

    Sorry you’ve had to deal with it Eric. I appreciate the sight and have learned a lot from the comments over the years, I hope they’re able to stick around in some capacity.

  32. Michael Bradley says:

    Thanks for the update, never thought a general comment I made about a headgear style would go viral but there you go. I’ll keep my comments to the importance of the subject. I’ve bought things from the companies posted here. All great items, shipping costs, They can’t hand deliver it to me. I visit this page daily. I’ve sent in photo’s with the patch and will continue to do so. Your page, your rules. I get it and thanks again for setting boundaries. Out here. BTW, the Mountainsmith post was a great help. Set me back $90 but well worth it.

  33. Aye says:

    Two thumbs up!

  34. Hatchet says:

    Frankly, I’m not all that surprised to read Eric expressing consternation for the overall amount of negative comments posted as of late. One of the last posts I would read of that ‘negative ilk’ was a couple weeks back – utterly appalled me by virtue of a couple of individuals who at almost every turn, directed baseless attacks, accusations and rudeness towards Eric when all he was very apparently trying to do was clarify and inform.. So, the fact that Eric now has to consider closing SSD’s comment section, really shouldn’t be any kind of Bolt from the Blue for SSD’s readership. If any of SSD’s readership has ever served in the Military, you know that if someone commits to an act that contravenes the rules of unit discipline and/or military law, there are consequences to those actions and a lot of times those afore mentioned ‘consequences’ will equate to a punishment of ‘loss of privileges’. As our Platoon Sergeant was so often heard to declare: ‘Privileges are NOT Rights – Privileges are something one EARNS’. Another thing our Platoon Sergeant was also heard to say(also germane to this topic): “Opinions are a lot like Belly-buttons – they’re usually full of fluff and other useless stuff”.
    Kindest regards from a daily Soldier Systems Daily reader

  35. Ross B says:

    Good stuff!

  36. Rodney Ledbetter says:

    It would be a bummer if you shut comments completely down.

    Rodney Ledbetter
    Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

  37. Strike-Hold says:

    We’ve created a society of induhviduals who were educated to think that everyone can be a leader, that every voice matters, and that everyone deserves a participation trophy. Sad that we also lost sight along the way of the old adage about it being better to keep you mouth shut and be thought an idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt…

    Keep up the Good Work Eric.

  38. Brian Hartford says:

    WORD. I’ve long stopped commenting here due to these very facts.

  39. Brian Hartford says:

    WORD. I’ve long stopped commenting here due to these very facts. However, please keep up the great work you are doing here on SSD. Thank You.

  40. Joe_K says:

    Your site, your rules, keep bringing us the news and info.

  41. J says:

    Good day,

    It is troubling to see that the editors are frustrated with peoples behavior. I have no idea about accounts. From my understanding this website is not open to all sorts of behavior as per:

    Our readers kept asking to be able to comment on our stories and finally, we listened. You can now comment on our articles. We were a bit standoffish at first and maybe one or two commentors seem to forget that this is primarily a tactical gear site but overall we are very pleased to see how well behaved everyone is. Additionally, it is nice to see some of the added value our readers have offered. Be civil. Comment as if you were talking to one another face-to-face. Foul language, particularly directed at us, is frowned upon and may result in suspension of posting or a forced apology. If you are a real jerk, your comments may be deleted. In rare occasions they are altered for full comedic effect, particularly for those who are uncivil or insist on posting under the notion that they can anonymously play the troll. Persistent bad behavior will result in a ban. You must be 18 to comment. A final note on this, we are not responsible for comments placed on this site and the opinions expressed are solely those of the commenter.”

    I recommend updating your remarks policy. First off I could be 12 years old. I am not but you do not know. 2nd how do I sign up to become a verified commentator. 3rd anyone from around the globe with any viewpoint can read, post, it is up to your team to judge what is appropriate? Shipping costs suck. Is that reason to ban someone.

    Hate speech, Bullying, Acts of inappropriate discrimination and other acts of outrageous uncivil behavior must be denounced and condemned.

    At the same time if I am being honest it is unprofessional in my opinion to state:
    “In rare occasions they(posts) are altered for full comedic effect, particularly for those who are uncivil or insist on posting under the notion that they can anonymously play the troll.”

    Most groups have a acceptable user practices.

  42. Christopher Tanner says:

    I hope the comments stay. There is alot of great information that comes from them from end users and experts.

  43. MS_TB says:

    Appreciate your excellent work, Eric and all of the SSD constructive contributors. Great source for daily gear news and hope it stays the course. Keep leading by example and show those who might not want to listen that to earn respect, you need to give it.

  44. Jake says:

    There’s accounts?

    While you are free to do whatever you want, I appreciate the ability to comment, moreso the ability to read comments. I’ve been able to gain clarity and insight on products or events from other commenters. Instead of chasing down individual bad apples, would it be prudent or feasible to just turn off comments for a specific article should comments be taking a turn for the worst?

    I’ll still read regardless of what you end up doing.

  45. Bill says:

    I like the news and new product updates and appreciate it. If we lose the ability to post so be it, another sad day created by those who can’t keep their traps shut! SSD please continue to rock on!

  46. Mick says:

    Personally I like comments; even enjoy scrolling through some of the arguments.

    But, here’s one user’s perspective on what I get from this site:
    1. News about gear
    2. Analysis about gear… I always love your articles about “here’s what’s really going on behind the scenes” or retrospectives about particular types of kit, etc.
    3. Comments. They’re much less important than 1 and 2, but I’ve found many “I have this and my experience was…” comments that are helpful.

  47. Mike Dailey says:

    Will continue to read, regardless.

  48. El Terryble says:

    If SSD runs an article about say, a women getting placed in an SF unit, but commenters state that the selection process waived the ruck march and amount of pull-ups she had to do, or that a firearm product manufacture whose product was portrayed on SSD is shown to have provided the BATFE with the names and e-mail addresses of people who bought their product which is now considered a violation of the FCA and illegal, or, as recently happened with BlackRifleCoffee Company, a veteran owned company comes out in support against the Second Amendment or of arresting law-abiding citizens for the constitutionally protected right to speech and self-defense; what is the policy at SSD for comments on issues such as these?

    • SSD says:


      This isn’t a place for you to fight your culture war. You guys seem to want to live in black-and-white, on and off, right and wrong. So I’m going to make this bipolar for you, don’t conduct culture war here. It’s like dealing with my kids when they were little and couldn’t balance freedom with responsibility.

      You’re doing a great job of helping the opposition by attempting to back me into a corner where I can’t speak in support of the second amendment. I’ll be a hypocrite and do it anyway even though it violates my own policy I had to put in place because you and yours lack emotional maturity. You helped create the situation.

      • Michael Bradley says:

        Wow, that’s stuff that has no place here. Sorry you have to play wack a mole with people like that. Sorry you have to put up with them. Wait, you don’t, it’s your site. Keep up the good fight.

  49. Sasquatch says:

    Often times you can look at the article, see the crazy number of comments on what should be a non-issue, and just know that it must be a shit show in the comment section. Then you just scroll on by.

  50. JK says:

    Hell ya brother, about time.. just grateful for the work you do!

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