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Name That Logo

Who can guess which company this logo belongs to? We’ll follow up at the end of the day with the answer.

10 Responses to “Name That Logo”

  1. James says:

    At the risk of leading everyone astray- Runic : is hagall is- IGI or IHI . Don’t know enough of the symbology to get far from that angle. Several companies with those initials, maybe a reference to ” I’m Going In” . Looking forward to everyone’s guess/answer.

  2. Ed Bergeron says:

    Is it Snow Peak?

  3. Ed Bergeron says:

    Snow Peek?

  4. GSC says:

    London Bridge Trading

  5. Colin says:


  6. ODG says:

    Human Exposure Werks

  7. WarBro says:

    Uhhhh, OSS? No one saw the other ad with same symbol? Inside joke??

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