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Alpha TARAC with Dope Cheat Sheet

The Alpha TARAC is an patented aftermarket accessory designed to enhance a rifle’s max point-blank range. It allows you to engage long-range targets just like in video games, aiming on the target versus somewhere above the target. Instead of holding over the target, the device shifts the target image to be at your holdover; that simple.

For targets exceeding 300 yds (or three football fields), flip the Alpha and Aim Center as far as 5/600 yds without holdover, range estimation, or thinking.

Simple familiarization with no formal training is required. Double hit-rate probability on long-range targets, increasing from 1:5 to 1:2 with less than 1 min of training (practicing solid fundamentals). Empirically verified by USASOC.

Cross-compatible across optics, zeroes, munitions, and platforms.

Checkout www.tacomHQ.com for details, SOF-user reports, and to automatically calculate the optimal unit based on your setup.

6 Responses to “Alpha TARAC with Dope Cheat Sheet”

  1. Roy says:

    This company does a terrible job of explaining their product.

    • Jacob says:

      Hi Roy,

      In which context are you referring to? Did you call? This description is virtually verbatim with marketing. Or are you referring to our website for this information is detailed? Please clarify – thank you.

      • Roy says:

        I did check out your website. Your product appears to optically offset the target and is calibrated to specific ballistics so the end user is not required to hold over for long range targets. Great idea/ Great product. The use of the words “no training” and “video game” are what I don’t like. I don’t think you intend to sell this to stupid people.

        • Jacob says:

          Hi Roy,

          Thank you for your response. You are definitely right. The video game analogy is simply provided in marketing, because a surprising number of people overthink the device, and this provides a generic frame of reference. As far as “no – formal – training”, this quote is provided from SOF Report IV on our website: “We’ve been running the wheels off (….) We’re sold (….) I tested them with a Razor 1-6x and EOTech with 3x magnifier and it nearly doubled hit probability past 400m. You have a good product line (….) I took two new guys with little experience and used them as my test bed. I gave them a 30sec run down on how the prism worked then had them shoot the course of fire with and without the prism. With the prism they hit more than twice as many targets because it removes their need to actually understand how mils work or how to shoot Kentucky elevation (….) It is a very simple increase in performance. Past 350m I had them just hold center with the prism and made hits to 500m (….) It’s a really good product that allows me to make guys more effective with very minimal training.” Training will always be required with any new gear, but we were impressed at his and other reports that demonstrate its simplicity. Thank you for your commentary.

  2. Chuck says:

    What is the difference between the Standard and Elite models?

    • Jacob says:

      Hi Chuck,

      Great question. Our website has been undergoing several updates, but I reattached this information in the product description on the order form. In short, 6061 Standard versus 7075 Elite refers to different grades of aluminum. The 7075 Elite model features several material joint enhancements with stainless steel.

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