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Propex Furnishing Solutions Storms Tactical Market

Franklin, TN — Over the past 50 years, Propex Furnishing Solutions (PFS) has developed a reputation for bringing innovation to every industry it touches. With its thermoplastic composites, Curv® and VersacompTM, PFS brings a lighter, stronger solution that improves existing products and enables industry leaders and innovators to achieve that which was previously impossible.

PFS has partnered with Geoff Senko of the Thomas Graeme agency to launch the new

Geoff Senko of Thomas Graeme Agency
Curv TacticalTM composite materials line in the US and Australia. Geoff brings 10 years of experience in product development and manufacturing in the defense and military fabrics industry. “We are bringing something new to the tactical market,” says Senko, “this is an industry that has relied on the same old materials for the past 30 years. It’s time for something fresh.”

Curv Tactical is a new, lightweight stiffener for tactical vests, braces, belts, and armor. “It is stronger and lighter than any material widely used in the industry,” shares Eric Teather, VP of Innovative Composites at PFS, “Curv’s superior performance combined with Geoff’s industry experience and presence ensures a successful outcome for this market.”

With some initial projects already in the works, Senko and Teather are optimistic that Curv’s unique properties will find a place not just in body armor but in other protective equipment, helmets, holsters, and much more. “When you have a material that is this versatile, the possibilities are endless,” Senko says, “Curv and Versacomp can be thermoformed, laser-cut, and even sewn. It’s pretty remarkable stuff.”

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