Ask SSD – “Why Don’t You Have A Search Bar?”

We recently received this email from an obviously upset reader, asking us to add a “simple search bar.”

The thing is, we do have a search bar and have since the site was created over 13 years ago. It’s marked “search” and everything.

I’d like to thank the confused reader for reminding us that there’s no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people.

As for those “friggin ads,” they pay for this site. Please visit them and buy from those great brands. Except you, the guy who wrote this, you don’t seem like the kind of customer I’d wish on an enemy.

15 Responses to “Ask SSD – “Why Don’t You Have A Search Bar?””

  1. Richard Schagen says:

    So I take it you haven’t sent him a link 😉

  2. Unimog says:

    Gen. Milley? Is that you?… It’s ok.. I mean if you and the rest of the JCS coupled with numerous intelligence assets couldn’t see the Afghan debacle happening how can SSD expect you to find that bar clearly marked in front of you..

  3. Joe_K says:

    The one sided conversation between this “reader” and the Senior Secret Service Agent in Charge of the Charge.

    Agent Smithers speaking.
    I’m in the Kitchen overseeing your nap time snack Sir.
    Yes Mr. President I already know that you can do more push-ups than any of us, all that tough living growing up in Scranton Pennsylvania and all.
    I just don’t think any of us realized you also read Soldier Systems Daily.
    No Sir, I’m not calling you a Dog Faced Pony Soldier.
    No Sir, we didn’t kick your friend Corps Strength off the site he left all on his own.
    Yes sir, I’ll bring another Jab up with your Metamucil and Oatmeal.

  4. Marcus says:

    Next up.

    Dear SSD,

    Why don’t you have links to advertisers?

    Ray Charles

  5. Lasse says:

    Imagine how many loyal customers you’ve lost over the years by not having an easy way to search or purchase product. Shame.

  6. Justin says:

    Hey SSD, how much it cost?

    • Jeremy says:

      Doesn’t matter, it costs too much! I will only buy made in America gear at Chinese knock-off prices.

  7. CAPT Jake says:

    … and stay away!

  8. JK says:

    Good lawd man… somebody get him a snickers…

  9. RJ says:

    Plot twist: the laser device in question was “too expensive”.

  10. 6.8 pumper says:

    What it cost SSD!?

  11. Justin says:

    Hello sir I would like to buy many of these.

    How soon can you send to my country?

    Please send COD and we will be grateful.

  12. iggy says:

    “I was wondering if you have any Pirate memory games suitable for children between the ages of four and eight…”

  13. Lamont says:

    Interesting. I use Feedly and neither the search bar or advertisers show unless you click on one of the header tabs. Never new before after 10 years or so.. I probably am stupid, but had read each article individually and never explored the site itself.