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Combat Flip Flops Veteran Art Auction

Over the last two months, the world witnessed an unprecedented event within the borders of Afghanistan. The only thing that matched the nature of the loss and destruction has been the positive effort of the veteran community stepping up to aid in evacuations and transit of interpreters, journalists, athletes, and activists.

Although the media seems to have already moved beyond the event, human beings are still trapped within the borders of Afghanistan. Veterans and private citizens are still working to move them to safety. Without support of the United States Government, organizations continue to raise money to assist in the transportation and resettlement of refugees–because the reality is that this freedom isn’t free. It takes money.

Combat Flip Flops enlisted the effort of renowned artists to donate art to auction to assist in these efforts. For a limited time, you can bid on limited edition art to raise money or resettlement efforts.

Launching the initiative is InvaderGirl and Matt Galbraith. For more information on the art available and incoming, please visit the link:

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