SHOP Show Raeford – Q-Collar Tactical

The Q-Collar is the first and only FDA-cleared sports equipment that helps protect athletes’ brains during head impacts.

Like football players, military personnel are susceptible to traumatic brain injury. Q-Collar is a passive device which uses jugular vein compression to slightly increase blood volume in the head. This reduces movement of the brain that can cause injury and aids in the protection of the brain from effects of repetitive head impacts.

In addition to Hydrdipped versions, they are working on a removable cloth cover for organizations who want to be able to swap the color of their Q-Collar.

7 Responses to “SHOP Show Raeford – Q-Collar Tactical”

  1. Richard A Graves says:

    Thanks, this is a great device, brain injuries have long plagued anyone who wears a helmet.

  2. Jeremy P says:

    Interesting, I may consider one of these for skiing. I’ve definitely rung my bell a couple times, even with a helmet, and head injuries account for ~20% of incidents.

  3. Davy Crockett says:

    Any research on the consequences of restricting blood flow to the brain? Seems like some risk there.

  4. James says:

    Two mechanisms there- increased ICP and increased vascular resistance/pressure. The ICP is where you’re getting the protection from, but the increased vascular resistance is what’s driving it. When you increase the vascular pressure it stimulates baroreceptors that increase cardiac stroke volume and strength to maintain the flow in , but it’s a feedback loop and increases ICP and pulse pressure further.

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