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NorArm Tactical – Kandahar Combat Shirt, Special Edition,

NorArm Tactical, in conjunction with photographer and creative director Isaac Workman, has introduced the Kandahar Combat Shirt, Special Edition.

Offered in Savage Green with distinctive striping down the sleeve, this combat shirt incorporates mesh openings under the armpits for ventilation and shoulder pockets with horizontal and vertical access.

Available in standard and hooded versions, sizes Small – 3XLarge.

4 Responses to “NorArm Tactical – Kandahar Combat Shirt, Special Edition,”

  1. Mehmaster says:

    They knocked off the squatting slav combat shirt and gave it some generic ass name….. They could of at least called it the afghan squat combat shirt.

  2. Stickman says:

    Hell yes!!

    ETA- Just saw the $161 price, and now I’m sad. However, I am accepting Christmas donations for anyone for feels bad for me and my lack of stuff…. LOL

    Nicely done NT, nice done!!

  3. Fritz says:

    That “distinctive striping” is going to get them a nasty legal letter from Adidas….just sayin’

  4. Dan says:

    hope they are also in conjunction with a lawyer

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