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Hill People Gear Junction Travel Pack

New packable Junction Travel Pack is a stripped down version of the Junction Pack, but made of Sil Nylon.

It’s just 6 ounces for the pack and then you can add the regular harness, pocket harness, or pocket sling (harnesses sold separately).

Against your back for padding is a removable foam pad that weighs just over an ounce.


One Response to “Hill People Gear Junction Travel Pack”

  1. AbnMedOps says:

    I think I need one.

    Looks like this picks up the ball (and simplifies) from Kifaru’s long-cancelled Ultra Lite line, which were also made from brown SilNylon.

    What killed the Kifaru project was most two big factors: First, the slippery fabric was extremely difficult and labor intensive for the sewing ladies, driving up costs. Second, a high rate of product returns from customers who were unable to accept the reality of cosmetic scratches on their $500 pack -this despite ample forewarnings from Kifaru that these Ultra-Lite packs would longer look shiny-new after their first day in the field!