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The Black Powder Red Earth World Expands with a 28mm Tabletop Game

_Echelon introduces Black Powder Red Earth 28mm — a brand-new close combat skirmish wargame built on a fast and fluid ruleset pitting player vs player in tabletop miniatures battles. Built around a responsive combat system players direct their customized small unit kill teams in pitched battles through war-torn sprawls on the border between two failing states.

Drawn from the best selling graphic novel series, Black Powder Red Earth 28mm is set in a near-future, detailed with both a conflict bible in the core rules and in the pages of the ongoing graphic novel — Black Powder Red Earth Awbari.

To ensure the highest quality every game component, playing card, miniature, and the core rules book are all made in the USA — with materials sourced in the US or other western nations.

Get yours at www.blackpowderredearth.com/28mm.

8 Responses to “The Black Powder Red Earth World Expands with a 28mm Tabletop Game”

  1. Jon, OPT says:

    Love it, now let’s see how that SOF fire team does against a 3,000 point army of WH40K Imperial Guards #unleashyourinnernerd

    • Jack Griffin says:

      This post made my month. I knew you were a 40K nerd.

      Cadian or Catachan?

      • Jon, OPT says:

        My analog gaming nerd side dates back to the 80s.

        My collection is a mix, I created a hybrid Army: Cadian, Catachan, with figurines from Battleground WW2 (Easy Eight Enterprises, now defunct), RLI, Portuguese Angola (Eureka Miniatures UK). I don’t have time to play, I used to play WH fantasy decades ago. Right now I collect for that rainy day I can start painting. I might play again, just gotta figure out rules for a Rhodie K-Car helo, haha! The rest will just be catachan irregulars.

        I grew up painting models, and I love the caricature type form of the 28mm figurines, it takes away the implied necessity for actual realism of historic uniforms. I also do 1/35 scale, and larger single figures. Anything from WW2 to 1999.

  2. JEFF says:

    Dumb question, are the figurines already painted?

  3. SVGC says:

    Putting this on my xmas list. Cool as shit.

  4. LB says:

    That’s awesome. Definitely going to pick this up and do some kitbashing.

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