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For Warfighter & Crimefighter: Lightfighter & Warriors Heart

It’s no secret what troubles are faced by members of the military & first responder professions, both in the field while on duty, and off duty after the fact, when the job is done. Stress from these professions follows us home in many forms, and it’s in those moments that our brothers and sisters need help the most. Unfortunately, they don’t always know where or how to get it.

Founded in March 2016, “the Warriors Heart Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to provide the men and women who protect us with a unique peer-to-peer healing program for “Warriors Only” just outside San Antonio, Texas. No warrior, whether military, law enforcement, fire fighter, or first responder should ever have to walk through the struggles of addiction and mental health alone. The Warriors Heart Foundation was created out of necessity (separately from the Warriors Heart Treatment Facility) to assist in the funding of warriors who don’t have insurance or need assistance in the costs of treatment (all levels of care).”

Lightfighter is proud to announce its adoption of The Warriors Heart Foundation as its native charity. Going forward, and in conjunction with a preliminary donation, the Warriors Heart Foundation will be featured prominently on the Lightfighter Forum. This, to ensure that our brothers and sisters among us know there’s a place to go for the help they need, and a way to get there.

The Lightfighter community strongly supports Warriors Heart. Some members have received treatment at the facility themselves, which inspired Lightfighter’s adoption of the organization and commendation for all they do for those that stepped forward to serve. 

In their own words:

“There is strong medicine in processing grief or moral injuries. Verbalizing those feelings and emotions with a small group of people of similar backgrounds and experiences, is a critical component of addressing the core underlying issues causing self-medication with drugs or alcohol. Where else can a soldier, cop, or firefighter talk about the horrific things they’ve seen on the job and not be judged?”

— Chuck (SGM, US Army, Ret.)

“Warriors Heart gave me the tools to not only take back control my life, but to start thriving again.”

— William (Staff Sgt, US Army, Ret.)

Lightfighter is honored to enable the Warfighter & Crimefighter by supporting those dedicated to their health and wellness, the cornerstone of capability. We sincerely thank Warriors Heart for this privilege.

For more information on The Warriors Heart Foundation and how you can donate, please visit: 

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