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Morakniv Classic Knives

Morakniv Classic knives aren’t particularly new, but I like the look all the same. I own a couple of Morakniv knives because they are inexpensive and reliable and stash them in places like tackle boxes and car trunks. Their classic line offers that same low price and high quality but adds some class.

There are three basic models as well as a version for splitting wood. For example, above you see a Classic No 3 with its red-stained and barrel-shaped birch handle paired with a 135 mm long carbon steel blade. While the sheath is polymer, decorated with the Dalecarlian shield design. Plus, the sheath has a Swedish vegetable tanned leather belt hanger.


One Response to “Morakniv Classic Knives”

  1. Liam Haakon Athias Babington says:

    They have knives like that all over the place here in Scandinavia