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Garmin fenix 7

Just launched, the new Fenix 7 from Garmin has a host of new features but the one that is going to stick out the most is the flashlight.

Other new features include:

– NEW – Touchscreen & Buttons: a new responsive touchscreen for quick access to selections and functions matched with the trusted button controls that work in any environment.

– NEW – Multi-Band Frequency Support: Get superior accuracy using technology previously only available to the military on Sapphire Solar editions.

– NEW – Real-Time Settings Sync: Configure all device settings from your watch or your phone.

– NEW – Visual Race Predictor: provides an estimate of what your pace could be for the distance you want to run with trend data that shows your how your training is having an impact over time.

– NEW – Real-Time Stamina: track and manage your exertion to help avoid overexerting at the start of your run or bike activities.

– NEW – SKIVIEW Maps: view run names and difficulty ratings for more than 2,000 ski resorts worldwide on preloaded SkiView Maps.

– NEW – Multi Continent Topo Maps: Download TopoActive maps via Wi-Fi from around the world – or get your local preloaded maps on Sapphire Solar editions.

– NEW – Up Ahead: get at-a-glance awareness for selected POI checkpoints ahead.

– NEW – Health Monitoring Activity: using data from the watch’s various body status sensors, this feature helps track your daily biometric and wellness trends at a glance.

They’ve also included a signal mode which flashes the light to signal “S.O.S.” as well as displays information about the user and/or an emergency contact on the watch display. The strobe mode is user customizable. Finally, a red LED was added to service the wide range of use cases where red light has advantages over white.

You can double tap the light button at any time to instantly turn on the light.

Additionally, the fenix 7 incorporates solar charging so you can go longer between charges (Solar and Sapphire Solar models only). Sapphire Solar model has 54% more solar surface area than the fenix 6X Pro Solar.

For those wondering about battery usage, check out this chart.

To wrap up, the fenix 7 is tested to U.S. Military standards for thermal, shock and water resistance

I recommend everyone buy their Garmin products from our friends at Strohman Enterprise. They offer discounts for military and LE customers.

-Eric Graves, Editor

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  1. Torch says:

    Looks like just the 51mm variant has the flashlight, 42&47mm variants are excluded.