TacJobs – Clandestine Media Group’s Shooter to Shooter Internship

About The Program

• Location – Denver, CO
• Full-time – 6 Months
• Paid – $3,500/mo


Clandestine Media Group is proud to announce an opening for our Shooter to Shooter program. This 6 month internship takes a Veteran who wants to learn a new skill and transition to the photography/videography industry. Here we take a Veteran (shooter) and train them in-house at our headquarters in Denver, CO, in all aspects of photography and videography turning them into a new shooter. The paid internship includes class work and on the job training. At the end of the internship the Veteran will have all the skills and expertise required to enter the industry as an entry level photographer or videographer. 

This is Clandestine Media Group’s 4th internship with the Shooter to Shooter program and we currently have a 100% placement rate with our interns in the industry. 

During the internship the Veteran can expect to learn:

• Basic and advanced photography techniques
• Studio photography
• Lightroom
• Photoshop
• Photoshoot development and planning
• Mood board creation
• Shot-list creation
• Equipment maintenance
• Resume development

Through the program Clandestine Media Group will assist the intern in finding a job within the industry to allow for a smooth post training transition into the workforce.

This internship is a fully immersed internship for the period of 6 months and requires the participant’s full commitment throughout the internship. We will not accept applicants looking for a part time or remote internship option.

If you would like to apply for this internship, please email a cover letter and your resume to We will not accept any application that does not include a resume or a cover letter. 

2 Responses to “TacJobs – Clandestine Media Group’s Shooter to Shooter Internship”

  1. Alden Barrios says:


    I’m a former Marine who has taken interest in photography and videography for the past year. Could you please advise when this internship would start?

    Thank you,