True Velocity To Launch The Genesis Rifle

True Velocity has announced their new bullpup, “The Genesis” which is the commercial version of their US Army Next Generation Squad Weapon candidate rifle in 6.8 TVCM.

To reserve your place in line sign up with your email. There will be limited production so act quickly. You will be receiving more information soon regarding the commercial version of the Next Generation platform “The Genesis”.

13 Responses to “True Velocity To Launch The Genesis Rifle”

  1. Ross says:

    Interesting and I’m sure expensive.

    • Brandon says:

      I bet it’s cheaper than Sig’s $8k MCX + suppressor package

      • Bob Ross says:

        I doubt it, unless they omit the suppressor. Actually, considering all of the new tech involved, it may still cost more.

  2. Adamn says:

    Where’s the mag release on this thing? On the magwell?

    • Lcon says:

      On the original document it shows a tab on the front of the magazine well. But they seem to have changed that as when Task and Purpose got a hold of it they indicated that the controls went something like this. Charging handle is the black tab near the muzzle pretty much MP5 like but a far longer stroke, magazine release is the “Switch” at the front of the trigger guard kinda like on the IWI X95, except it’s operated by pushing forwards. The bolt release is the black shelf over the pistol grip and the selector is the switch over the pistol grip. It and the Sig have both only been seen with Lancer Magazines of 20 rounds.

      • David Dai says:

        two mag release, one is in front of the trigger ring, the other is in front of the magwell.

        • Adamn says:

          Thanks guys!

          The Israelis got it right with X95, wonder why didn’t GD/ TV do just the same…

          Still waiting for Magpul PDR dream come true…

  3. David Dai says:

    Any one knows their patent number for this SRIA and recoil control system? plz help me 😉

  4. Joe says:

    It took decades and for the patent to expire before the AR-15 became America’s rifle, I would expect the same here.

    With all the new long-range calibers like 6mm ARC, there’s not much to this that justifies the cost difference for the average user.

    Keep in the mind the ngsw is not a one for one immediate replacement to the entire inventory of m4s. Uncle Sam is going to be running the same thing you got in your closet for sometime to come.

    • PB says:

      Well, the Federal AWB really gave the semi auto carbine market a kick in the pants. That was the catalyst that got lots of people interested in the AR.

      The second factor that broadly increased industry interest was when the Federal AWB sunset and people started coming out with all sorts of new products.

    • Brandon says:

      6 ARC is a good commercial target round optimized for an AR15. However, it’s not ideal for combat ie barriers and terminal performance.

      I suspect that as 6.8 SPC was a compromise between accuracy (6.5mm) and terminal performance (7mm) in an AR15, 6.8×51 is a similar compromise in an AR10.

      • Hodge175 says:

        The 6mm Arc was a DOD project, before it became a commercial round. Hornady developed it from a request within the DOD.

        • Brandon says:

          Yes, I should have worded that better. 6 ARC was designed as a niche light sniper support weapon. Big Army has different requirements.