OverWatch by Aries Defense

SupplyCore has been out looking for novel C5ISR* technologies and showed me the Overwatch System from a company right in my backyard. Aries Defense is based here in the Tidewater of Virginia and was founded by a small team of coders who specialize in rapid integration of existing systems into distributed networks.

OverWatch began service with the USMC but has rapidly been spread to other services. It is a TLR9 system which is a LOW voltage edge deployable video surveillance platform used to gain close-in situational awareness.  OverWatch will present a “live” view of the battlespace from a fixed and/or concealed position and provides live full motion video over any network.

OverWatch is network agnostic. They have integrated with LTE, SATCOM, Ethernet, and any Tactical radio such as Trellisware, Harris, DTC, Thales, Silvus, Persistent, etc.

OverWatch is also camera agnostic.  It will ingest any digital or analog video stream.  Aries Defense provides Canon/Nikon lens adaptors which allow maximum compatibility with existing lens kits.

Finally OverWatch is integrated into ATAK, WinTAK, and MCH as well as Aries Defense’s own StandAlone App.

Aries Defense products are available for unit and agency purchase through SupplyCore.

*Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

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