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PSA – MissionSpec Shows You How To Make A Paper Rose

Did you forget to get something for Valentines Day? That’s ok. MissionSpec has got your back.

Benefits of making a paper rose are: 1) they never die.
2) you did it yourself so your significant other might appreciate that.
3) you can get your kids involved. Win. Win. Win.

3 Responses to “PSA – MissionSpec Shows You How To Make A Paper Rose”

  1. Rich275 says:

    Dudes, I’m telling you this is pretty cool and will score you tons of points. I made one for my wife last year and it’s still displayed by our fireplace.

  2. Iggy says:

    I took up origami for injury rehab and its excellent for fine motor imprinting once you get beyond the ‘just folding’ phase. Any job with fine handling skills could really benefit from it and I recommend for any rehab too.