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Evolution of Shaw Concepts ARC Placard

Shaw Concepts shared the evolution of their ARC Placard.

The ARC Placard is nearing the drop of its third iteration and with that we wanted to look back at the previous versions and show you all how it’s progressed. We’ll also try to give more insight to why changes happened and our train of thought. We hope you like this and let us know what you think!

V1: Our first production offering of the ARC Placard was our goal to bridge the gap between traditional MOLLE pouches and placards. The most popular placards on the market all seemed to be double stacks so we chose to avoid that and cater to those who wanted a flat front with the option to build it out further. We also introduced a number of features which have caught on since including the built in bottom Tourniquet sleeve and side elastic bands for pouches and pen style items.

V2: The V2 was our first update where we not only improved the design but add more features that have again become more common place in the industry. Specifically adding Tubes to the sides of the placard so it could directly attach to Tubed cummerbunds as well as using Velcro One Wrap to make the placard buckles adjustable for height and hardware. It also started using advanced materials and was introduced with more magazine options.

V3: This is the latest improvement to the ARC Placard and the most dramatic change in the series. The key new feature is its ability to easily expand to hold more magazines than most others on the market. The V3 uses Shockcord along the sides to make the pouch adjustable to whatever insert is used inside. A number of smaller revisions have been made and more details on the V3 will be coming in the coming days…

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