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This Is The Most Army Thing I’ve Seen All Week

Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

These photos were posted to Instagram by the 3rd Infantry Division. As a former Marne Man (yes, there two genders in the Army I served in) I can say that this sounds like some crap we’d have been doing after repainting bumper numbers (in the rain).

Nothing like turning in junk to get new junk.

“The U.S. Army is moving into a new era, and by getting rid of the excess equipment during the Rapid Removal of Excess Pilot– creating space for more modernized weapons,” said Randy George, Army Chief of Staff General. Soldiers assigned to 3rd Infantry Division have begun to identify and part with excess equipment within their companies. This is an ongoing process and will continue into December. Getting rid of excess equipment allows the units to better care for the vehicles they use more often and stay on top of the maintenance required for all equipment.

For those of you who are either socially awkward, slow on the uptake, or both, this is one of those posts where you can be yourself.

These photos were taken by PFC Rebeca Soria. Be kind to her, she’s just a PFC.

1/75 Human Performance Presents: The Four-Coactive Model of Preparation

Sunday, August 27th, 2023

The 1/75 Human Performance team presents the Four-Coactive Model of Preparation adopted from Fergus Connolly and Cameron Josse.

Are you using all parts of this model to structure your training?

Each coactive plays a pivotal role when planning and preparing for training. Often, we get sucked into one coactive and can lose sight of the other pieces of the puzzle that help us with our job.

Physical – the easiest for all Rangers to gravitate towards and easiest to get stuck in.  Going to the gym is not only a part of the job, but also one of the most relaxing parts on certain days. Making sure we are physically ready is important, but we can’t get stuck here.

Tactical – How are you training at the individual, team or squad level.  This is the front runner when it’s go-time.  If individually you don’t understand what to do, then you can’t help.  Tactical know-how can come from simple things like white board or walk-through sessions.

Technical – understanding your position and its importance to others around you. Context is king and keeping the main thing the main thing will help with preparation. Layer in complexity and constraints to increase the training stimulus until it’s a full platoon or company.

Psychological –Spiritual: meaning connection and control (why, what, how).  Cognitive: ability to focus, stress regulation. Emotion:  how do you manage what is happening.  *(Emily is a great resource for this coactive.)

At the core of the model is Ranger Health. We can’t have physical preparedness without an underlying level of health and wellness. The medical staff, human performance team, Ranger leaders, and individual Rangers all have important roles in looking out for the health of each Ranger.

Coming Soon – Field Ethos x Jim Green Footwear African Vellie

Friday, May 19th, 2023

The Field Ethos African Vellie is made in Africa…by Africans. In fact, the African who makes them risked life and limb today to take this photo.

We worked with legendary African boot maker, Jim Green Footwear, to bring our version of the perfect Vellie to our customers. We took their existing design and reinforced key areas with thicker leather. Then we reshaped the toe, changed the sole and altered the stitching to bring you a truly indestructible boot that performs as well in the street as it does when you’re running for your life in the African bush.

The boots launch on 5/22/23 at 3pm Eastern.

Vang Comp Systems Wants To Know

Saturday, April 8th, 2023

Vang Comp asked on Instagram, which VC764 590A1 looks the best, ODG/FDE or FDE/GRY?

Instagram Suspends SIG SAUER Account

Monday, February 20th, 2023

On 19 February SIG SAUER and their fans on Instagram found this stark message.

No real explanation there; “account integrity and authenticity”? Sounds like they’re grasping at straws.

To further demonstrate how capricious Meta’s decisions are, SIG’s other accounts like SIG Academy are still operational.

While multiple firearms related accounts have recently had content deleted, suffered restrictions, or been suspended outright by IG, this is the first time they’ve take down an entire account for a major manufacturer.

YouTube on the other hand has been on a tear, deleting the accounts of multiple firearms-related accounts.

Black Hills Designs – Range-R Card

Thursday, January 5th, 2023

Similar in function to the world famous PSO BDC reticle used on Combloc weaponry, the Range-R card is a completely passive signature solution.

Bite the end of the precisely 18” draw string and extend in front of sightline until tight. Shift target within its specific targeting pattern until it touches top and bottom of the curve. Now, you have your range.

The card is graduated in meters, but has a direct conversion to yards in the center for quick translation.

Range-R card gives off NO thermal, IR, or SWIR signature. With a bombproof design and small foot print, add your ranger card to your gear today.

$20 shipped per card. To order, send a DM via their IG account.

Any quantity available as well as a .mil discount

Cyrilic avaliable

75th Human Performance Wellness Team – Un-Ruck Yourself

Monday, July 18th, 2022

The 75th Ranger Regiment Human Performance Wellness Team in conjunction with the 1/75 Human Performance Team, has produced this information on how to “Un-Ruck Yourself” to mitigate injuries associated with spinal injuries which top the charts at #1.

These simple and effective movements are one important strategy to keep you in the fight and ready for anything that gets thrown your way.


Friday, June 24th, 2022

The B&T BWC9 is a transformer, changing from a mild mannered lunch box into a 9mm firearm.

Well, that’s what it looks like anyway. See for yourself.

Yes, I’ll acknowledge the elephant in the room. It is quite similar in purpose to the upcoming Magpul x ZEV FDP-9 which is still in development.

It uses a SIG320 trigger group and carry slide with a limited run coming later this year from bt-usa.com.