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Friday, June 24th, 2022

The B&T BWC9 is a transformer, changing from a mild mannered lunch box into a 9mm firearm.

Well, that’s what it looks like anyway. See for yourself.

Yes, I’ll acknowledge the elephant in the room. It is quite similar in purpose to the upcoming Magpul x ZEV FDP-9 which is still in development.

It uses a SIG320 trigger group and carry slide with a limited run coming later this year from

US Army Updates Tattoo Policy

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Hat tip to @usawtfm for this:

Army Directive 2022-09 changes the Army tattoo policy to allow certain tattoos on hands, back of neck, and behind ear. There are specific limitations that are outlined in the memo.

Raider Rolex: the Seiko MACV-SOG

Saturday, June 11th, 2022

The Vietnam-era MACV-SOG Seiko is the OG “Raider Rolex”: this is a vintage Seiko Automatic Watch 6619-8060 Vietnam SOG-MACV watch from approximately 1967.


The following information was posted by a very interesting Instagram account called Watches of Espionage (@watchesofespionage). It’s a Social Media Account That Doesn’t Suck©®TM and thus is part of the FYSA files (specifically one dealing with tactical watches) The text was taken from multiple posts and also features information from @timelymoments. It has been edited slightly for readability. Additional imagery from @niccoloy, which is also a SMATDS ©®TM.

OG Raider Rolex

There is something about the red “SUN” on this MACV-SOG Seiko that is really cool. I know it’s not unique to this model but I love the detail. I absolutely love this watch and the history behind it. It’s a large part of why I love the brand. History is everything.

Original Seiko-MACV-SOG

The accepted three SOG Seiko models are as follows: 6619-8060 circa 1967, 6119-8100 circa 1968, and the 7005-8030 circa 1970.

The 6619-8060 was likely not actually issued officially but was purchased by members of SOG at the PX. This model is what led to this model of Seiko becoming the (un)official watch of the group and led to the official purchases of 6119-8100 circa 1968 and the 7005-8030 circa 1970.

Modern-Seiko-MACV-SOG with NATO band and survival compass.

It’s smaller than most modern watches but don’t worry, the NATO and tactical compass will still signal to others that you are a man. You can even wear it on the inside of your wrist to let people know you are tactical lmfao.

Above: a modern MACV-SOG Seiko. A modern MACV-SOG Seiko. When I posted my vintage Seiko Automatic 6619-8060 from the late 1960s I was asked if a modern version exists. As far as I can tell the closest thing is this #SNK381K1. Change out the bracelet to a green NATO and add a cool-guy tactical compass and you are 98% of the way there.

Vietnam era MACV-SOG

Vietnam era MACV-SOG “Raider Rolex” Seiko in the field. MACV-SOG Bobby Pruett, 1-0 RT New York, December 1971 – March 1972. I can’t tell which model this is but I’m sure some internet warriors can point it out.

Like most Seikos, it’s relatively affordable and you should be sub-$200 all in. Pretty cool watch.

Seiko-MACV-SOG watch

My first Vietnam era MACV-SOG Seiko, aka the OG “Raider Rolex”. Incredible heritage.


The following pics and text are from @timely_moments, which may be one of the few places to have a collection containing all three SOG Seiko models. 


MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group) was a highly secretive, multi-service, Special Forces (SF) unit which conducted covert and asymmetric military operations between 1964-1972.


Unknown members of MACV-SOG.

The area of operations for this unit spanned Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Their mission statement was “…execute an intensified program of harassment, diversion, political pressure, the capture of prisoners, physical destruction, acquisition of intelligence, generation of propaganda, and diversion of resources, against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.’’


Enter Conrad ‘Ben’ Baker, a gentleman whose remit was procurement. He was responsible for providing kit and equipment to the SOG Operators in order for them to carry out their operations. He took his role so seriously that if there weren’t commercially viable options, he took to creating it himself, examples being rations and the famous SOG Knives issued to MACV-SOG personnel.


Ben Baker would often travel to Vietnam and meet the teams that his equipment was being sent to; on one particular trip, it became apparent that the teams had requested the issue of Rolex watches. He is quoted as saying “at one point every team wanted 12 or 13 Rolex watches, the Oyster model I believe. They got Seiko watches instead at $6 or $8 apiece.” His reasoning for this was that they were already wearing Seiko watches so why fix what wasn’t broken.

The accepted three SOG Seiko models are as follows: 6619-8060 circa 1967, 6119-8100 circa 1968 and the 7005-8030 circa 1970.

Read more about the connection between watches and espionage.



David Reeder is a sometime SOLSYS contributor and reporter-at-large. He is currently the editor of the GunMag Warehouse blog (The Mag Life) and the world’s okayest 1/6 scale kit-basher. 

And Now For Something You’ll Really Like

Monday, February 28th, 2022

Just goes to show how innovative the concept of personal camouflage can be.

Minerva Tactical

Sunday, February 27th, 2022

Playing around with detachable pouches on the shooter belt.

The MALICE Pack – How It Started…Where It’s Going

Saturday, February 26th, 2022

Tactical Tailor showed us how one of their original products, the MALICE Pack started…

And where it’s going…

British Tactical – Mad Jack Sheath for the SA80 Bayonet

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

Not long until the launch of the first sheath in British Tactical’s re-designed range of Mad Jack sheaths, this one is specifically for the SA80 Bayonet.

Evolution of Shaw Concepts ARC Placard

Saturday, February 19th, 2022

Shaw Concepts shared the evolution of their ARC Placard.

The ARC Placard is nearing the drop of its third iteration and with that we wanted to look back at the previous versions and show you all how it’s progressed. We’ll also try to give more insight to why changes happened and our train of thought. We hope you like this and let us know what you think!

V1: Our first production offering of the ARC Placard was our goal to bridge the gap between traditional MOLLE pouches and placards. The most popular placards on the market all seemed to be double stacks so we chose to avoid that and cater to those who wanted a flat front with the option to build it out further. We also introduced a number of features which have caught on since including the built in bottom Tourniquet sleeve and side elastic bands for pouches and pen style items.

V2: The V2 was our first update where we not only improved the design but add more features that have again become more common place in the industry. Specifically adding Tubes to the sides of the placard so it could directly attach to Tubed cummerbunds as well as using Velcro One Wrap to make the placard buckles adjustable for height and hardware. It also started using advanced materials and was introduced with more magazine options.

V3: This is the latest improvement to the ARC Placard and the most dramatic change in the series. The key new feature is its ability to easily expand to hold more magazines than most others on the market. The V3 uses Shockcord along the sides to make the pouch adjustable to whatever insert is used inside. A number of smaller revisions have been made and more details on the V3 will be coming in the coming days…