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Coming Soon – Field Ethos x Jim Green Footwear African Vellie

The Field Ethos African Vellie is made in Africa…by Africans. In fact, the African who makes them risked life and limb today to take this photo.

We worked with legendary African boot maker, Jim Green Footwear, to bring our version of the perfect Vellie to our customers. We took their existing design and reinforced key areas with thicker leather. Then we reshaped the toe, changed the sole and altered the stitching to bring you a truly indestructible boot that performs as well in the street as it does when you’re running for your life in the African bush.

The boots launch on 5/22/23 at 3pm Eastern.

5 Responses to “Coming Soon – Field Ethos x Jim Green Footwear African Vellie”

  1. Andy Marksyst says:

    Reminds of a shorter-shafted Rhodesian Light Infantry boot. Cool.

  2. AbnMedOps says:

    I hope it has more arch support than the classic, old-school Clark’s Desert Boot.

    • Alpha2 says:

      I have a pair of roughout Vellies from JG and they are well made. Much better construction than the Clark’s DB and more supportive as well. They’re not supportive like some of the modern boots but for what they are, they’re solid. I have worn mine on hikes, going camping and fishing, and they have performed fine. I’d recommend wearing them around town for a bit to break them in, but after that, they are good to go.