SOFWERX – Special Reconnaissance Virtual Assessment Event Series

SOFWERX, in collaboration with SOF Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (SOF AT&L) Special Reconnaissance (PEO-SR), will host a series of Virtual Assessment Events (AEs) 31 May – 03 June 2022, to identify technologies and techniques to aid two (2) Program Management (PM) Offices with four (4) Technology Focus Areas (TFAs).

1 PM Integrated Sensor Systems (ISS): Tactical data exfiltration (SR-FY22-01)

2 PM Remote Capabilities (RC): Articulating small-UAS legs and motors paired with obstacle avoidance capabilities (SR-FY22-02)

3 PM Remote Capabilities (RC): Rucksack-portable small-UAS charging hive (SR-FY22-03)

4 PM Remote Capabilities (RC): UAS Signature Reduction Techniques (SR-FY22-04)

Submit NLT 15 April 11:59 PM ET

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