Casca – A Blast From The Past

We first mentioned the Casca series in 2013 and we like to bring the Casca books up every once in awhile because they were such a big part of growing up in the early 80s. Plus, every time we bring it up, a few new readers discover the series.

Casca is a legendary eternal mercenary who was charged by Christ on Golgotha to fight until the second coming, from conflict up conflict. Exciting stuff, and as a kid, I couldn’t put it down.

Did you devour this book like I did? If so, did you know that the Casca images by artist Darrel Millsap on the cover of every title were based on this photo of author Barry Sadler?


And, did you know that same Special Forces Veteran Barry Sadler also wrote and performed the song “The Ballad of the Green Berets” which hit Number 1 on the charts in the Spring of 1966? If you’ve ever served at Ft Bragg, you’ve heard that diddy a time or two.


Although Sadler passed away in 1989 of complications following a gun shot wound, the Casca-series of books carried on and still boast a website dedicated to the series.

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5 Responses to “Casca – A Blast From The Past”

  1. Ian McDevitt says:

    They were influential for me as a kid. They were, and I guess still are unique. Read every one I could get my hands on. Another book in that vein is “Armor” by John Steakley, then “Once a warrior king” which we had to read at Benning in IOBC.

  2. Scott Evans says:

    I read the series in 1989 while deployed to Okinawa. I still have all the books.

  3. Kevin says:

    John Steakley only wrote two books, but when those two books are Armor and Vampire$…

    Sadler wrote several other books, which anyone who likes Casca might like if you can find them.

  4. pbr549 says:

    My Dad had a few of the books. I started reading them when I was a kid. I’d have to wait for him to finish a new one when it came out so I could read it LOL. Great memories.