Rampart Range Day 22 – ARWEN

When I saw the sign for ARWEN I was taken aback. I hadn’t seen that company in a long time. If you’re around my age, you may remember ARWEN from its Enfield days, as the 37mm Anti Riot Weapon ENfield gas and nonlethal baton launcher used by British forces during “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland.

Currently offered in two variants, both the single and multi-shot (5 rounds) versions offer a roomy breach which makes it easy to get rounds in.

The ARWEN is currently in use with Canadian LE. Apparently, in 2001, Canadian Police Ordnance Company Inc., acquired rights to the anti-riot device and began production of the third generation gun. This includes foregrip and Picatinny rails. Last Fall, Kwesst bought CPOC and are in the process of updating it further.

Kwesst products can be procured by agencies, departments, and units in Canada from Rampart International.

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