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My Friend James Yeager Has ALS

I saw my old friend James Yeager at the NRA show in Houston and he was just ornery as ever. We’ve always treated one another with mutual respect and I’ve always enjoyed our visits at various trade shows. This was no different but something was different. It’s his health and it’s gone for the worse. He’s produced this video to publicly acknowledge that he has been diagnosed with ALS which you may also know as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

It’s not a condition I would wish on anyone, but he’s taking it in stride. I wish him well and hope he enjoys as much as he can, as long as he can.

8 Responses to “My Friend James Yeager Has ALS”

  1. Rob R says:

    Truly heartbreaking.

  2. Gerard says:

    Its a huge shock but a good reason to remind all of us we need to develop treatment for ALS

  3. Iceman says:

    Pulling for James and his fight. I’m certain he has a big tribe behind him.

  4. Rob c says:

    This guy lol… sketchy AF controversial stuff

  5. Ross B says:

    In the end …. the Lord will fetch us all, I pray I get to go with Him to the Place of Light and not the Pit of Fire. James, that is my wish and prayer for you too.

  6. Hodge175 says:

    Sad news indeed, we lost a former steeler football player here that was very evolved inbthe community, from young men’s ministry to broadcasting.

    He was a good man and ALS took him as well. It’s a terrible and sad disease. I wish nothing bit peace and happiness to James, I never met him, it wish that he spends his days loving his family.

  7. Joede Vanek says:

    The few times James and I talked he was always a straight shooter and no B.S., good dude in my book.

    I lost my dad to ALS.

    I sent one up for James and hope for him strong faith and good times.

  8. Jeff says:

    I vividly remember training with James in the rain at Fighting Pistol. Wet, wet, wet but his expression never changed. I’m blessed for having that weekend with James and Tactical Response