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Gloom Group Expands Content Resources

(Loveland, CO.) Gloom Group is a collective of firearms industry professionals & night vision enthusiasts brought together by a passion for education on image intensification. The night vision industry has boomed over the last five years, and with such rapid growth on a complicated technology, consumers have frequently been misinformed on their search for subject knowledge. Sources are scattered, and differ in opinions on objective truths.

Six months ago Gloom Group launched a consumer education blog titled: Night Vision Info, seeking to tackle the most frequently asked questions about image intensifiers and silo reliable information in one place.

Gloom Group is now excited to announce the launch of a new content series for consumer reference, Night Vision Reviews. Gloom Group will now be taking a look at popular night vision devices, infrared illuminators and lasers, night vision housings, and aftermarket accessories and compiling objective reports on them in one central location for consumer reference.

G.G. can we found on their website,, as well as their Instagram page: @gloomgroup.

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