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UCO – 2-Person Nesting Meal Kit

If you’re interested in dining on something better than paper plates, check out this 2-person kit from UCO.


3 Responses to “UCO – 2-Person Nesting Meal Kit”

  1. Chris Vick says:

    Okay that is pretty cool might have to get some of these for the ship.

  2. I have multiple of the switch spork they are fantastic. Connect so you can get to the bottom of a MRE/IMP, the knife actually cuts meat, and most importantly the side of the fork or spoon aren’t serrated.

  3. Sasquatch says:

    I didn’t see much actual nesting going on in the video. I mean the way they had the cups stacked, it looks like they really don’t fit inside each other all that well.
    Probably a really nice product, just strange that they decided to call it nesting.