Grayman and Company Introduce Sunglasses

Grayman and Company has been talking to me quietly about their plans for a pair of sunglasses for a while. These were born from the need for executive protection and plainclothes guys who want sophisticated looking sunglasses that you can wear with a suit, but with the protection of polycarbonate sport sunglasses or eyepro.

The Grayman and Company sunglasses come in two Wayfarer-inspired styles and an aviator style. They feature a groundbreaking Japanese Urethane-based lens that has far superior polarization, optical clarity and scratch resistance to the polycarbonate lenses we’re used to, but maintains high-velocity impact resistance in-line with ANSI Z87.1+ testing methodology. They are currently not rated for Z87.1+, as the lack of side-shot protection would instantly disqualify them. I’m told they’re working on some solutions to this. The Urethane lens holds a lot of promise and there don’t appear to be any major peers or competitors who use this lens technology, yet.

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