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Helle of Norway Introduces Nord Wilderness Knife

Heritage knife maker’s latest full-tang knife is made for a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts who use traditional tools differently

Holmedal, Norway – (June 23, 2022) – Helle of Norway, world renowned makers of beautifully handcrafted knives, is proud to unveil the brand’s latest full-tang knife. Developed for the Nordic wilderness, the Nord was created for a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts who need a reliable, versatile knife to perform multiple field tasks for self-reliance in nature.

Knives play a significant role in the history of the far Northern regions, with their harsh and foreboding environment. These knives are a reflection of the Nordic cultures that created them, including hunters, farmers and craftsmen. Straightforward, rustic, and no-nonsense, Scandinavian knives have evolved into unique and distinct styles that are some of the best general-purpose blades available.

Norwegian for north, the Nord was inspired by the large traditional knife used by the Sami people for light chopping tasks such as de-limbing, cutting small trees for shelter poles, brush clearing, bone breaking and butchering tasks. The Nord is further refined to cut and carve like a smaller knife.

“The Nord was developed for the Scandinavian wilderness, taking Helle’s time-honored traditions and pushing them to new heights,” said Anders Haglund, Helle’s director of marketing and co-developer of the Nord. “The Nord unites the tradition of our brand with how we have evolved as a new outdoor generation. Sometimes we use our tools in ways that our forefathers would not have.”

The Nord’s handle shape provides a secure and natural grip close to the blade; providing balance for cutting and whittling and comfort when held for pull strokes. For its size, the Nord has a good swing weight for chopping strokes and a secure grip near the handle’s end to prevent slippage. “We didn’t want to label the Nord with terms like survival or bushcraft. In the wilderness, these words are meaningless; the only way to build useful knives that are comfortable in the hand is to use them in the field,” added Haglund.

Each Nord is handcrafted at the historic Helle factory in Holmedal, Norway, where knives have been skillfully made for 90 years. The handle starts with European curly birchwood handpicked and expertly cured to bring out the wood’s stunning patterns. Helle chose Sandvik 14c28n steel for the blade, a top grade knife steel with great edge performance and resistance to corrosion. Each blade is skillfully tempered at the factory to get the best hardness and edge retention, ensuring years of sharpness. The spine of the blade is ground for scraping with a ferro rod.

Nord Specifications:

Total Weight: 290 g / 10.22 oz
Blade material: Sandvik 14C28N
Blade thickness: 3.7 mm
Blade length 147 mm / 5.7-inch
Knife construction: Full tang
Handle material: Curly birch
Handle length: 137 mm / 5.3-inch
Sheath: Genuine leather
MSRP: $249

The Nord will be available at retail July 2022 / more info here.

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