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TacJobs – Director of Business Development at Qore Performance, Inc

01AUG 2022

Sterling, VA – Qore Performance, Inc., inventors of the revolutionary ESAPI-shaped IcePlate thermoregulation and hydration tool for PPE users, continues to grow rapidly and is looking for highly talented candidates to fill a vital role: Director of Business Development.

The Director of Business Development is a senior position that reports directly to the CEO. This position is responsible for caring for our most important asset: our customers.

Do these questions resonate with you?

1. Are you a strong, diligent, extrovert with a natural sense of urgency who is energized by relentlessly evangelizing our cause and solving problems for people?

2. Do you have an uncanny ability to figure out what the customer actually wants (and they didn’t even know they wanted)?

3. Are you capable of being a total team player who can operate independently while in the field?

4. Do you have experience and/or a network for selling into large, Fortune 1000-type companies or into any one of the following industries: military, law enforcement, occupational safety, personal devices (iPads), aviation, outdoor/fitness?

5. Are you an expert at building long term relationships and large, functional networks?

No formal education is required

An ideal candidate must be:

-well-read (or “listened”)

– a perpetual learner

– an excellent writer

– disciplined and diligent in the execution of their tasks

– able to travel frequently

– a master of discretion

– someone with excellent judgement

The Job

-Answer and resolve inbound customer inquiries (video, email, LiveChat, phone, etc.): sales, information, questions, warranty, etc. In-person as needed, but emphasis on local dominance

-Lead, manage, and grow Field Training Specialists for customer visits, trade shows, boutique shows, etc.

-Run point on all B2B sales projects after establishment, “baton handoff”

-Grow all existing customer relationships in both revenue and profit

-Work with UX/UI Designer to update website to improve customer experience, Conversion Rate based on customer communications (“aim for zero”)

-Support CEO and CFO to instill work ethic, brand standards, customer-first mindset, discipline, maturity across the entire team

-Develop, nurture, harvest deep relationships with existing customers across all lines of business and new customers as they join, ensuring optimal QPI experience

-Open new International Distributors as approved

-Open new enterprise accounts as approved

-Monitor third party sales portals (B2B) and Distributor websites to ensure merchandising is correct and up-to-date

-Disseminate relevant merchandising assets to Distributors to ensure websites are always current

-Follow-up on in-bound international distributor and enterprise leads

-Generate new content based on in-bound customer questions

-Work with Videographer/Photographer to get content from existing customers (Testimonials)

-Compliance audit distributor websites, communications, coach up distributors accordingly to maintain brand standards to match QPI website

-Diligently address oversights or errors with sustainable, efficient solutions

-Relay customer feedback to relevant departments

-Set and enforce high standards for hygiene, tidiness, organization, and excellence

How we will measure success

-sales growth

-referral business

-Conversion Rate growth

-inbound traffic generation, growth

-customer complaints/satisfaction



-lead generation/closure rate

-active lead pool

-customer feedback

-YOY account performance

-market penetration (new and existing)

Think you have a better way?

We DEFINITELY want to hear from you.

Big advantage if you have a background in any of the following:

Military, Law Enforcement, Wild land Firefighter, First Responder/EMT, SAR/CSAR, Backpacking/Hiking, Mountaineering/Climbing, Outdoors, Travel, QSR/Food Service, Luxury Hospitality/Resorts/Hotels, Consumer Electronics (specifically iPads and iPhones), Crossfit, Running/Marathons/Ultras, Combative’s/D-TAC, Shopify, ERP software, Pilot’s License, Crossfit Certifications (or similar/equivalent), Hunting, Marksmanship/Firearms proficiency, Occupational Safety,

Click here to learn more about our recruiting process and working at Qore Performance.

Position-specific Requirements

-MINIMUM two years experience at least one of the following sales or customer service channels: military, law enforcement, HSE/OSHA enterprise/occupational safety, outdoor (backpacking, hiking, hunting, water sports, etc.), EDC, luxury travel/hospitality, aviation, GSE, physical fitness

-Proven ability to implement a sales/customer service training program

-References who can verify your sales/service track record (more = better)

-Team player mindset

Ideal, but Optional

Existing customer network in any one or more of the aforementioned areas: enterprise, consumer electronics (iPads, iPhones), OSHA/industrial safety, Fortune 1000, military, law enforcement, premium resorts (ski, mountain, hunting, outdoor)

Company Requirements

-All candidates must have the legal ability to work in the USA without sponsorship

-Ability to clearly communicate in a fast-paced work environment

-Ability to pass a background check and drug test

-Ability to perform physical tasks required of the job

Work location: Qore Performance® Headquarters in Sterling, VA

Please submit a condensed resume and an expression of interest for review. Work location: Sterling, VA.

For more information or to apply, click the link below:


Qore Performance, Inc.

Job inquiries: [email protected]


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