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It’s National Airborne Day

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    OK dumb question. Why so many airborne tabs? Did each of the above units at one point have an airborne unit/capability? Like an LRSU/LRSD? Thanks in advance!

    • Terry Baldwin says:


      Yes, you are exactly right. There were a lot of small Airborne elements in otherwise “Leg” (non-Airborne) units over the years after WWII. Parachute Riggers, Pathfinders, and LRS for example. Even Airborne Ranger Platoons or Companies formed ad hoc by individual Divisions or higher HQs after the Korean War. That also included units in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve. Many of these units and their associated tabbed patches were “Provisional” in nature and were not necessarily formally recognized by the US Army or in official Heraldry. I know of at least one other that is not on the poster. That is the 7th Army patch with airborne tab worn by the Pathfinders in the 15th (later 11th) Aviation Group in Germany in the late 70s.