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Sig P320/M17/M18 Handbook from VSS

Adding to their handbook series, VSS just released a new handbook on the Sig P320/M17/M18 pistol.

The Sig P320/M17/M18 is pocket reference intended for use by shooters of every level.  It gives a quick reference as well as a refresher prior to giving or receiving instruction and contains all the fundamental information needs to operate, maintain, and train with the Sig P320/M17/M18 pistol.  It is currently available as a 4”x6” paperback version with plans to release an eBook version in the future.

Authored by Erik Lawrence and Ash Hess.

Erik Lawrence served in the U.S. Army Special Forces and other projects worldwide. His broad range of operational and training experience has perfected his methodology used to help students rapidly advance their skills with a great degree of precision. It revolves around not only the mastery of the basics but a thorough understanding of how and why they work.

Ash Hess was the U.S. Army Senior Writer for Small Arms in the Weapons and Gunnery Branch at the Maneuver Center of Excellence Fort Benning, GA.


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