Tokarev USA Announces Their Lifetime Service Plan

Knoxville TN – Tokarev USA, importers of popular Pump and Semi-Auto shotguns, is pleased to announce their “Tokarev USA Lifetime Service Plan”.

“Tokarev USA is committed to supporting our customers with services that are above and beyond what is expected.  Beyond our 1-year warranty, our Lifetime Service Plan will repair any defect in material or workmanship for the lifetime of the firearm.  The Tokarev Lifetime Service Plan will begin after the 1-year warranty has expired” said Ryan Keller, Customer Service Manager at Tokarev USA.

In the crowded field of imported shotguns, Tokarev really is showing themselves to be a brand apart.

Combining state of the art CNC equipment with old-world manufacturing knowledge, Tokarev delivers firearms for the sporting and security markets worldwide. Tokarev firearms and accessories are available in North America exclusively through Tokarev USA.

For more information on these or any of their other top-quality products, contact your dealer/distributor, or visit

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