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Sneak Peek – Enhanced Siete from LaRue Tactical

It’s great to get an update after so long on LaRue’s Siete project after premiering at during SHOT Show 2020 and then disappearing during the COVID epidemic.

Mark LaRue posted this to social media.

** We can’t post the entire picture **

You’re probably asking “Mark, why the F did the Siete take so long?” Well, there has been a slew of things. Mainly, the finite number of hirable folks in America that can be considered “craftsmen”.

Sure, we’ve always had more than our fair share of American Craftsmen, but just enough to keep up with the ongoing demand for our QD mounts, MBTs, uppers, and everything else. The constantly-changing political climate continues to trigger unprecedented rushes on our website, kicking the Siete back off our priority board.

Reacting to all this, we’ve systematically polished our act by internally organizing work around an all-enveloping ERP system. Now, we’re there – backorders have been reduced – parts inventory built up, etc.

*So … Let’s Do This *

There’s no doubt, our Enhanced Siete will be your go-to bolt action.

The introductory price of $2,899 includes a free second barrel of your choosing.

A deposit of $950.00 will confirm your place in line. You will be billed the remaining $1,949 when your order ships.

5 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Enhanced Siete from LaRue Tactical”

  1. reader says:

    SHOT Show 20202???

  2. RD says:

    Full picture and details on other blogs for those wanting to know.

  3. WarBro says:

    Yeah, It’s taken that long! Lol

  4. Burdy says:

    All I want for Christmas is this with all barrels and a hacksaw.

  5. BRADLEY K says:

    Its has been a hot minute to get the Siete into production, but it will be worth it. I own every LaRue rifle and the Tranquillo. I have also had wait times for each rifle and was a little ancy after each purchase. Let face it we are in a instant gratification world. But every rifle I have received from LaRue Tactical has been well worth it, flawless and extremely accurate. I own alot of high end bolt rifles AI, GA, Gunwerks etc. however, I am confident that the LaRue Siete will be my favorite. Congratulations LT for getting the Siete rolling and thanks Mark for the explanation on why the project has taken longer than expected.